Local Planning 2017
22, Downs Way

Good news. Many of you will be aware of the saga of 22 Downs Way. The owner built a much larger structure than had been permitted. Work stopped and a number of revised drawings/ applications were submitted and then withdrawn.
Finally a revised plan was considered by the Planning Committee on 17th May. This showed a reduction in height of the roof but retaining the unauthorised projections to the front and rear. Despite a recommendation to approve, the Councillors refused the application by a large majority.
This was a good decision for all the residents who have fought very hard to get the building reduced in scale and to Councillor Turner for her support over the last year or two that this has been going on.
We had feared that the owner would go to appeal, so it was even better news when we heard that he proposes to demolish the overlarge extensions and rebuild the house in accordance with the original permission. A really good result!

Tower Court, 1, Tower Rd., Tadworth
An application (17/00864) has been submitted for a new basement with a studio flat and a one bedroom flat below the existing building.
Apart from impact, particularly on the occupiers of the ground floor, we had concerns at the disruption during construction, even though not normally a planning matter, and possible shortage of parking spaces.

32, Tadorne Rd., Tadworth
An application has been submitted for a single storey dwelling in the rear garden (17/00824). Two storey dwellings have been refused in the past on this site, which has access onto Harendon.
The TWRA committee decided to object because of the cramped nature of the development, that it is out of character with the area, and highway safety. There was also concern that a shed which was erected as permitted development had not been built according to the submitted plans, but resembled the proposed dwelling.

2a, The Green, Tadworth
We objected to an earlier application for a two storey dwelling to replace an existing bungalow in poor condition. This was refused. A revised application has been submitted (17/00705) which although better than the earlier design, we felt was still overdevelopment with loss of amenity to the neighbours.

2, Hernbrook, Chequers Lane, Walton
We objected to an application for a two storey dwelling on the site of a small bungalow. More recently revised plans have been submitted (16/02344) but we considered it still amounted to over development and harmful to both the Conservation Area and adjacent listed building.

The Council has refused an application for a new dwelling on land between Pine Court and Millfield and an application for 2 dwellings at Green Corner, Dorking Road was granted on appeal.

56, Cross Rd., Tadworth
At our April meeting we objected to the erection of two dwellings in the rear garden of 56, Cross Rd., Tadworth (17/00351).
The proposed dwellings front onto Epsom Lane South. The grounds for our objection were loss of amenity to the neighbours, harm to trees, harm to the character of Epsom Lane South, highway safety, and cramped development.

Walton on the Hill, Frith Park

The redevelopment of the site for new housing was due to start in March and will last 70 months. Although the construction company, Reside Construction, have stated that it will do everything it can to minimise disruption, if there are any problems the Director, Stuart Burne, can be contacted on 01794 369160. The email address is enquiries@resideconstruction.co.uk.

Bramley School
Bramley School on Chequers Lane is closing in July 2017. This will be a loss to the community and we do not yet know what is proposed for the site.

‘Kitlands’, Heath Drive
There has been considerable local concern at the removal of many trees and other vegetation. The Council is currently examining if there has been any loss of protected trees.

Other applications
The council has refused an application for a garage block at ‘Lavington’ in Heath Drive, two dwellings at ‘Thickets’ on the Dorking Rd ands a new dwelling next to Rose Cottage, Chequers lane. We do not know if there will be appeals. We have also objected to a replacement house at 2, ‘Hernbrook’ but this has yet to be determined.

In Tadworth we have objected to a revised application to a new dwelling at 1, Epsom Lane North and another on Chapel Road which has been refused. An revised application on land adjacent to Millfield on the Dorking Rd has also been refused

22, Downsway
A revised application has recently been submitted for 22, Downsway. The application number is 17/00241.

We continue to object to a new dwelling at 2, Hernbrook, Chequers lane, Walton (16/02344). A revised application has been submitted for 22, Downs Way but has yet to be registered.

We understand that Chinthurst has no plans to build a new school building and dwellings fronting onto The Avenue, the subject of an earlier planning application.

Developers are interested in developing the Bramley site for housing. We will continue to monitor the situation.

We have objected to an application to develop the De Burgh playing fields site for 229 dwellings. This is a more intensive development than the 180 units proposed at the outline stage. Impact on the local services and infrastructure remain a matter for concern.