Consultation by the Council on the ’Walton on the Hill Conservation Area Appraisal’.
A draft Appraisal was prepared by the Conservation Officer several years ago but was not finalised and so the Council is reconsulting on this together with several other Conservation Area Appraisals throughout the Borough.The original text is available on the Council’s web site.

The TWRA has come up with some suggestions and would like to receive comments from local residents before sending it to the Reigate and Banstead Council’s Conservation Officer. (See bottom of page.)

Some of the recommendations relate to boundary changes and policies for inclusion in the Appraisal. However, there are also other proposals such as additional tree planting, more traditional street lamps and improving private forecourts which are matters which would be best discussed with the landowners/ occupiers as well as the respective Councils and are something the TWRA, in conjunction with the Walton Forum, could progress separately.

So if you have any comments on what we are suggesting or have new proposals for enhancing the Walton on the Hill Conservation Area, please send your thoughts to - If possible, we would like to receive your suggestions by Sunday 14th February.

Thank you.
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Walton Heath Conservation Area: Suggested Amendments.

Properties proposed for exclusion but recommended by TWRA for retention.
Blue - Southern end of Sandlands Road.

Properties suggested as inclusion in appraisal supported by TWRA.
Pink - West end of Meadow Walk and property on Breech Lane.

Properties proposed for inclusion in appraisal not supported by TWRA
Yellow - Properties adjoining west end of Hurst Drive.

Extensions to the Conservation area proposed by the TWRA
Green - Howard Close, a further extension of the Meadow Walk part of the area by including;
* the properties on the northern side of Meadow Walk nos. 38-52.
* properties nos. 8-18 at the eastern end of Meadow Walk plus 29 Duffield Road.
* Duffield Road nos. 2-16 and 1-25.

'Walton on the Hill Conservation Area' - draft comments on draft appraisal.
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