Reigate and Banstead Council's Development Management Plan
February 2018
The TWRA's response to the consultation is available to view and download by clicking here (PDF file 1.3Mb). Please let us have any comments on this draft, the deadline for responses is 23rd February.

January 2018
Reigate and Banstead Council is now consulting on its Development Management Plan. This is an important document which replaces planning policies in the 2005 Local Plan and identifies sites for development. The closing date for returning the forms is 23rd February. We will be working on the documents in conjunction with the Banstead and District Federation of Residents Associations and will be putting our draft responses on the web site for information as work develops.

If anyone is sending in representations we would be pleased to receive a copy. We would also like any comments on our own submission so we can represent the views of the community as far as possible. Please send any comments to

In accordance with the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012, I am writing to inform you of the publication of the Reigate & Banstead Proposed Submission Development Management Plan (DMP) Regulation 19 document, and to invite your comments.

The DMP Regulation 19 document is available to view on the Council’s website at, along with supporting evidence. Documents are also available for inspection at the Town Hall, Castlefield Road, Reigate (08:45-17:00 Mon-Thu, and 08:45-16:45 Fri).

The DMP Regulation 19 document and hard copies of the representation form are also available at libraries across the borough (for opening times please see, or on request from 01737 276 178 or

Further information on availability and representation process are set out in the Statement of Availability and Statement of Representations, available to view on the Council’s website at

You can send us your views in the following ways:
* Fill out our online survey, available at
* Download a comments form from, complete it and return it by email, post or hand to or Planning Policy, Town Hall, Castlefield Road, Reigate RH2 0SH

Responses must be submitted by 5pm, Friday 23 February 2018

If you have any queries about the content of the consultation document, its preparation or the consultation process, or require any other assistance, please contact the Planning Policy team on 01737 276178 or email

March 2017
The programme for the next stage of public consultation on the Plan has been put back to January – February 2018. This is disappointing as many of the existing 2005 policies are out of date, but understandable in view of the Government’s continuing modifications to planning policy and guidance.

October 2016
The consultation period for the draft DMP finished on October 10th. We thank everyone who contacted us with their views. We will now wait and see what suggestions the Council takes on board and when the revised document will be formally placed on deposit and sent to the Planning Inspectorate.

Click here to view and download the full response from TWRA.

September 2016
Residents should have received a card from the Council which provides information on the Development Management Plan (or DMP for short) for Reigate and Banstead.

We are now in the consultation period which ends on the 10 October 2016. If you have not seen the document, it is available on line - - or at your local library. Black and white copies are free but a coloured version costs £10. Both versions are available from the Town Hall in Reigate.

The Residents Association has looked at the document and although generally we support most of the policies, we have a number of concerns, particularly on the lack of infrastructure and the proposed parking standards. Fortunately there are no major development proposals for our ward.

We suggest that, if you are interested in the document, you have a look at it and respond directly to the Council, (a comments form can be downloaded from the web site and returned by email to or alternatively you can send comments by post to the Policy Team at the Town Hall, Castlefield Road, Reigate RH2 0SH..

Click here to read a draft response of the Residents Association. We would appreciate any observations which you may wish to make and we will take them into account in our final submission. Alternatively, please send us a copy of your response to the Council. Unfortunately our document does not make much sense without looking at the DMP itself.
We still have to look at some of the supporting evidence provided by the Council so our text could well change.

It is the Council’s intention to consider all the responses received and consult further in Spring 2017. The document will then be examined by an independent planning Inspector at an ‘Examination in Public’ later in the year. At that time we will have to decide whether we wish to make representations directly to the Inspector.

Click here to read Reigate & Banstead’s latest Planning Policy e-Bulletin.

Part Two

The Council has just published its Development Management Plan for the Borough. Consultation runs from August 1st to 10th October.

The document includes
• policies which will replace the existing Local Plan policies which are used when determining planning applications.
• designations such as local centre boundaries, urban open space, and Residential Areas of Special Character, including one for Tadorne Road in Tadworth
• sites for development.

It doesn’t change the housing targets which are set out in the Core Strategy – Part One of the Local Plan, nor the overall spatial strategy, which places emphasis on development in the urban areas first and then urban extensions, but it is important for giving more detailed guidance on the future planning of our area.

Following analysis of the comments received, the Council will consider if any changes should be made to the Plan before formally placing it on deposit. At this stage, there will be an opportunity to make representations to the Planning Inspectorate and then give evidence at an Examination in Public.

However, if there are policies or designations we disagree with, it is best to do it now, rather than at this second, and final, stage.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW more information on the consultation arrangements, including an exhibition at Banstead Library with ‘drop in sessions’ when Council staff will be available to answer questions.
Black and white copies of the document are available free of charge from the Council. (Please contact the planning policy team on 01737 276178 or Arrangements can be made for them to be sent out or collected at the Town Hall.) Coloured versions cost £10, payable by cheque of BACS. Details are available at the Council.

The Residents’ Association will be examining the document and responding to the consultation, but if you have any views please let us know and we will take them into account in our response.


We would like to receive your comments.

Part One

The Council's Development Management Plan (or DMP) was discussed at the Association's meeting on February 2nd and a request was made to put the information on the Association's web site.

A short introduction on the Development Management Plan is set out below but for further information please visit the Council website

Following the adoption of the Council's Core Strategy, which now forms part 1 of the new Local Plan, the Council is currently consulting with community and local action groups on the DMP which will form part 2 of the Local Plan.

This will develop the principles in the Core Strategy into more detailed policies. It will:-
• provide detailed policies on topics like shopping, biodiversity and housing, updating policies in the 2005 Local Plan.
• review the Green Belt boundary, (with probably not much change in our area) and re-evaluate the boundaries of other designations such as the Residential Areas of Special Character (RASCs) and local shopping parades, and
• identify suitable sites for development, including travellers pitches.

The Council asked for views a couple of years ago and at that time we suggested minor changes to the local shopping parades, additional urban open spaces (including Breech Lane playing field for example) and also suggested new Residential Areas of Special Character (in Epsom Lane South and Tadorne Rd). However, the Council is now asking again for views but over a wider range of topics.

One question relates to what we consider to be the main planning issues in our area. Unfortunately, although many of our problems relate to traffic congestion and the associated lack of on-street parking, the Plan will probably only be able to cover parking standards for new development. Other concerns identified by the RA relate to the lack of affordable and starter homes, poor housing mix in terms of size and cost of new dwellings, poor design of some developments, the lack of services and infrastructure, and weak shopping policies. Please let us have your views on what you consider to be the principal planning problems in Tadworth and Walton.

The Council is also asking if there are any potential development sites/ vacant land and any Green Belt boundary anomalies. It is likely that there will have to more development in our area. The Core Strategy requires at least 930 new dwellings in the northern part of the Borough to be provided in the plan period which goes to 2027. Over 300 of these will be in the Preston area but that still leaves a large number of new homes to be provided in the area to the North of the M25.

Although this is only an informal consultation, we consider it is necessary to make suggestions now as it may be more difficult to get changes at the next stage in the preparation of the Plan. We hope to arrange a public meeting in the Autumn when the draft document will be available and we will have a better indication of the Council's intentions for our area.

The Council's deadline for 'informal evidence gathering' is March 6th so, if you are interested, please either send your views to us or visit the Council's web site where a couple of leaflets are available, setting out in more detail the Council's programme for producing the DMP and the questions they would like us to think about.

The Council's web site is