2021 Telephone Mast Application Objection - Walton on the Hill

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The TWRA objects in the strongest possible terms to application 21/02259 for a telephone mast and associated cabinets at Ebbisham Lane, Walton-on-the-Hill. The proposed mast would be a major development in the village, 15 metres high and with its attendant cabinets, covering a footprint of 10 sq metres.

The grounds for our objection are four fold:
The mast is intended to be located on the Gun Corner of the village green, one of the most sensitive parts of the Walton conservation area in the centre of the village. The structure would be visible not only from the green itself but also from other parts of the conservation area which covers the whole of Walton Street as well as the majority of the built area of the village.

Secondly, the proposed development is in front of the former lodge of the Grade II listed Walton Manor and is also very close to a locally listed 17th century former farmhouse as well as the scheduled monument, the Motte. It is difficult to imagine a more important location contributing to the environment of the conservation area and character of the village with its green, parish church, rectory and attendant cottages.

Thirdly, the mast itself and associated cabinets are intended to be located at the corner of Ebbisham Lane and Chequers Lane which would seriously reduce the visibility for vehicles turning right from Ebbisham Lane thereby creating an additional traffic hazard on an already busy road.

Finally, the intended site is adjacent to the location for the village Christmas tree which is a major contribution to the life of Walton at winter time.

The RA recognises that there are problems with mobile telephone reception in Walton-on-the-Hill but this is not the site to locate an additional mast. Rather, it is suggested that more suitable locations may be found to the rear of the Fox and Hounds, the Ebbisham Lane stables or another site outside the conservation area.

Therefore the application should be refused.

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