Improvements to Shelvers Way
Works have recently been carried out to the damaged verge at Shelvers Green.

This has been done in response to a number of complaints concerning the parking of vehicles off the highway, creating deep ruts in the grass. We agreed with residents that it was becoming a local eyesore.

As there have been a number of complaints made on Facebook, see our full response below which gives further background information. The photos show the site just before the bollards went in and following completion of the works.

Four birch trees will be planted in the verge towards the end of February which, we hope you agree, will further improve the appearance of the area.

Shelvers Green Verge Re-instatement
The work being carried out on Shelvers Green has the full support of Reigate & Banstead Borough Council and Surrey County Council in conjunction with the Tadworth & Walton Residents Association.

The verge along Shelvers Green, one of the few green spaces in Tadworth, has been destroyed by people parking on it. As there are no council funds available to hard pave the area, in a similar fashion to the hard paving by the shops which cost thousands of pounds and still looks a mess, money was donated locally to re-instate the verge, place protective bollards along the kerb, turf the area and plant some trees. It is also hoped that local children will soon help to plant bulbs on the Green.

In response to parking, it is indeed legal for drivers to park on the roadside by the Green but not on the verge or the Green itself. There is a ‘No Parking’ sign on the Green which seems to be ignored by those unwilling to park legally. The letters mentioned were provided by the council, and distributed by the TWRA, they were simply intended to advise drivers who park near or on the Green of the pending work. They also served as a reminder that it is an offence to park on the verge.

Shelvers Way is the same width from beginning to end with free parking all along it. With the recent road works on the A217, and current works at Tattenham Corner, traffic congestion is temporarily higher than usual at peak times. We understand frustration with the traffic; I live on Shelvers Way myself and often have to wait for numerous cars to pass before being able to get out of the driveway.

The bench recently sited on the Green is in memory of one of Tadworth’s doctors and was erected in response to requests from residents; a memorial plaque is being made. The view may not be picturesque but it is a pleasant enough place for locals to stop on their way to or from the shops.

It is a pity that many of our local verges are being destroyed by careless parking and builders vans. The Residents Association receives many emails from local people concerning this. It is the focus of the TWRA to help improve the environment for everyone living in Tadworth and Walton. When Councillor Mike Gosling provided funding for this project we were very willing to support him. The Green is a highly valued special place for everyone to enjoy and putting it back to its original unspoilt condition seemed something worthy of our support.
shelvers way after
shelvers way before