Local Planning 2016
Stanford Lodge and rear of 1 – 7 Shelvers Way Appeal decision
Unfortunately, the appeal by Devine Homes against the refusal of planning permission by Reigate and Banstead for 6 new houses has been allowed. The Planning Inspector who determined the appeal stated that she has borne in mind that Shelvers Way is a relatively busy road and that the proposed access drive would meet it at a point relatively close to the junction with the A217. ‘However the Highway Authority is satisfied that the proposed access and parking arrangements would be acceptable. On balance, I find insufficient grounds to conclude the access arrangements for a net increase of five dwellings in this location would compromise highway safety.’

This is disappointing news and we fear may lead to more backland development on Shelvers Way.

Green Corner, Dorking Road
We understand that there is an appeal pending against the Council’s refusal of 2 large houses on the site. We do not yet have the details.

22, Downsway
A retrospective planning application has been submitted concerning a large dwelling at this address, as the current structure has been built in contravention of the approved plans.

The application proposes reducing the height of the building at present on site but retaining its depth which remains a couple of metres larger than the original approval.

The application, reference 16/01240 can be viewed on the Council’s web site. Should the application be refused and in the event of an appeal, it will not be possible to provide further comments at the appeal stage. If you have concerns, it is therefore important to make a full case at this stage. Comments should be submitted to the Council by 5th December although it is likely that the Council will consider representations up to the point that the application is determined.

Car park on corner of Queens Close and Chequers Lane, Walton
We have sent representations to the Planning Inspectorate supporting the continuing use of this parcel of land for a car park. Although not an asset to the Conservation Area, it does help to alleviate the parking problems in Walton. We are not yet aware of the decision.

Walton Heath Golf Club
We are concerned that, despite strong assurances given at the recent public inquiry into the deregistration of part of Walton Heath fronting onto the Dorking Road, the Club has carried out a survey of its membership to obtain views, inter alia, on moving the clubhouse onto the other side of the Dorking Rd. We understand feasibility studies will be carried out in forthcoming months.

Outcome of Planning Application - Stanton House and rear of 1-7 Shelvers Way (ref 16/01437) Application for 5 new dwellings and access
We won! The application was refused. Many thanks to everyone who attended the Planning Committee meeting on Wednesday 31st August. It was a magnificent response and made the Members appreciate the strength of local feeling against the proposal.

The application was refused on grounds of the poor layout, against the officers’ recommendation. Unfortunately it was not possible for the Committee to include traffic grounds as this is a Surrey County Council responsibility, even though it was clearly our, and the Committee’s, main concern.

So, we have won the battle but not the war! There is still an appeal outstanding against the earlier application for six houses and, if they lose that, the developers will almost certainly appeal against yesterday’s decision on five dwellings.

So we will just have to wait and see how circumstances develop. In the meantime, a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who attended.

Stanton House and rear of 1-7 Shelvers Way (ref 16/01437) Application for 5 new dwellings and access
The RA and local residents have objected strongly to this application on grounds of highway safety because of proximity to the busy A217. Unfortunately, Surrey County Council, as Highway Authority, has not objected and the application is going to the Planning Committee on Wednesday 31st August with a recommendation for approval.

We will be attending and speaking against the proposal. If you are able to come to the Town Hall and give moral support, that would be much appreciated.

Click here to read a letter we have delivered to some local residents giving details of the venue.

Green Lodge, Dorking Road
Following the dismissal of an appeal for 3 houses, an application has been submitted for 2 large dwellings. The R A has objected, again, because we feel the development is out of character with its surroundings and very cramped.
The application reference is 16/01286.

Former Citigate Showroom, 90, The Avenue, Tadworth
An application has been submitted to change the use of the site to car repair and MOT garage with ancillary sales.
We have asked for clarification on the use as the accompanying plan shows the main use to be a second car showroom.
We have suggested that the Council consider applying conditions, particularly relating to hours and noise, particularly if there is to be a car repair business on site.
The application reference is 16/01390

22, Downs Way, Tadworth.
We have objected to a retrospective application to regularise some of the extensions to this residential property which are larger than shown on the permitted plans. In the meantime, the Council has put a stop notice on the site so no more work can take place and requested better, fully dimensioned plans. The application reference is 16/01240.

Frith Park, Walton
Work is starting on the housing development in Frith Park. We remain concerned at the poor access along Sturts Lane.

Millfield, Dorking Road
Planning permission has been refused for a large dwelling fronting onto the Dorking Road.

Little Ambrook, Nursery Road, Walton
There is no decision yet on the appeal following the Council’s refusal of planning permission for residential development .

It is still possible to send representations to the Council on those planning applications listed above which are still out to consultation.

Planning Application APP/L3625/W/16/3146401 & 3146402 - Demolition and erection of 10 apartments on Little Ambrook, Nursery Road, Walton on the Hill
There have been appeals against the Council’s refusal of 2 planning applications on the Little Ambrook site in Walton. The first, under the Council’s reference 15/01953, is for the demolition of the existing house and the erection of 10 apartments. The second, under the Council’s reference 15/01954 is for the retention of the house plus 7 apartments.

The appeals are by ‘written representations’ and all the original representations/ objections sent to the Council will automatically be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate and the Inspector dealing with the case. The deadline for sending any further comments is 22nd June.

Click here to read TWRA’s letter to the Planning Inspectorate.

Correspondence should be sent to -
The Planning Inspectorate, 3/03 N Wing, Temple Quay House, 2, The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol 6 PN or by email CT2@pins.gsi.gov.uk
or by the web using the link - www.gov.uk/appeal-planning-inspectorate

It is essential to quote the Planning Inspectorates reference numbers which are APP/L3625/W/16/3146401 and 3146402 and the address of the appeal which is Little Ambrook, Nursery Road, Walton on the Hill.

Please write in to the Planning Inspector if you feel concerned about these proposals. We suggest that you concentrate on the harm to the character of the area bearing in mind that the property is in a Conservation Area and Residential Area of Special Character and that there are no material benefits which justify the damage. Arguments can include how both the proposed developments are out of keeping with the Conservation Area and RASC, the cramped nature of the proposed developments, the loss or damage to the setting of Little Ambrook, the impact of the proposed blocks on the street scene and loss of the sylvan setting.

Full details of the proposals are on the Council’s web site including the reasons for refusal.

The Residents Association objected strongly to both developments at the application stage. Please use the link to read of our concerns. We will be sending further representations to the Planning Inspectorate in response to these appeals.

Click here to read TWRA’s objection to erection of 10 apartments.
Click here to read TWRA’s objection to erection of 7 apartments.

Planning Application 16/00426/OUT - An application for a new dwelling on land adjacent to Millfield, Dorking Rd, Tadworth
A planning application has been submitted for a new dwelling on a small plot of land between Millfield and Pine Court, near Mill Road, with access onto the Dorking Rd.
Although this is only for one dwelling, it is for a large house in a sensitive location in the Green Belt and Area of Great Landscape Value, and is close to the dangerous junction with Mill Road and New Road.

We have sent a letter of objection (see link) and suggest that if you have any concerns that you look at the Council’s planning application web site and make representations accordingly. The more objections to the Council the better as it may then be possible for us to speak at the Planning Committee meeting if the proposal is recommended for approval.’

Click here to read letter of objection.

Stanton Lodge and land to the rear of 1-7 Shelvers Way
Planning permission was refused under delegated powers in March 2016. This was on the grounds of being a cramped and harmful form of development in the context of the local character and amenity, an inappropriate transition to the adjacent countryside and no agreed contribution towards affordable housing.

Although there was considerable local concern relating to highway safety, the County Council only recommended conditions relating to the construction of the vehicular access to Shelvers Way and a construction management plan.

Original Request
An application, reference 15/02752, has been submitted to demolish Stanton Lodge, near the A217, and erect 6 dwellings, with a new access drive, to the rear of the Shelvers Way properties. There is considerable concern from local residents, primarily on traffic grounds. The Residents’ Association committee has also decided to make strong objections. Full details are available on the Council’s web site. Please send your views, quoting the planning application reference number 15/02752, if you have views on the proposal.


Green Corner, Dorking Rd, Tadworth
We are pleased to report that the appeal against the refusal for 3 houses has been dismissed by the Planning Inspector, primarily on grounds of the cramped nature of the development and impact on the Green Belt/ open countryside.

Original Request
A Hearing is to be held on February 10th at 10 am, at the Town Hall into the Council’s refusal of a planning application for 3 dwellings. Everyone is welcome to attend and either observe or make representations. The Residents Association will be supporting the Council in its case against the development. Details of the proposal, the Council’s reasons for refusal and the objections received can be viewed on the Council’s web site, using the application reference 15/00917.