Minutes of committee meeting held on 15th October 2013
Tadworth and Walton Residents' Association
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1. Attendance:
President - Dr. Simon Carpenter
Chairman - Clive Elcome
Vice Chairman - Gillian Hein
Secretary - Gillian Bockmeulen

In Attendance:
Borough Councillors - Vic Broad, Michael Vivona

Reigate & Banstead Council - Janet Hill

Committee - Ann Liddle, Ken Chivers, Bryan Yates, Hazel Loades

Apologies: Cllr. Mike Gosling, Cllr. Rachel Turner, Paul Waller, Trish Canham, Geoff Hewitt

The Chairman welcomed Dr. Carpenter, Mike Fox and Robin Parr-Davies to the meeting. He expressed the Committee’s thanks to Robin for agreeing to become Treasurer.

2. Councillor's Presentation:
Councillor Broad

Vic reported that because of the Council Leader’s indisposition he had continuing additional responsibilities running the Council. He reported on refuse collections saying they cost £3 million per year but the Council made £2.7 million from recycling waste leaving a cost of £300,000. He said that £1 million had been saved through cuts and as it was likely the Council would receive no funds from central government in two year’s time additional efficiency savings were being made. However, despite being the largest borough in Surrey, the council had no debt and a big capital base.

Councillor Vivona
Michael confirmed that the second application for development of the Ketcham’s site had been refused unanimously and an earlier application was going to appeal. He also confirmed the half day Core Strategy hearing will take place in December. Recycling in the Borough has now reached 58%. Gillian requested more information be made available on the types of plastics which could be recycled.

3. Core Strategy
Gillian Hein reported the Council had been satisfied with the outcome of the EIP (Examination in Public), however, an issue has arisen in Horley where the case was made by the appellant that the Council could not make its 5 year target. The EIP is to be reopened on December 10th to discuss housing targets, sites in the Green Belt and development in the northern part of the Borough. Gillian explained that appeals can only be considered on points of law.
In respect of the north of the borough, one councillor in Nork had invited the inspector to make a site visit resulting in his opinion there was potential for further development there. Kingswood and Walton may also be considered, however the council is confident it can meet the existing targets of 460 dwellings per annum.

4. Planning:
Walton Planning - Ken Chivers

Ken reported there were no applications requiring consideration. He reported that the bungalow adjacent to the former Royal Phoenix Restaurant site, which is the subject of a planning application, is now being offered for sale for development not as a dwelling.

Tadworth Planning - Gillian Hein
Gillian reported that despite discussions of the outline plan for the Preston development, the application revealed our suggestions and objections had been largely ignored. The development shows mostly private housing with smaller gardens and there are concerns about density. She wanted confirmation that the application would be sent to committee and the R.A. will be re-stating our views.

5. Minutes & Matters Arising:
Gillian said that the Leader, Joan Spiers had written to the government asking that Gatwick should be included in the government’s enquiry into airport expansion.

Licensing Application
Budgens (Traffic Garage site): The letters of objection from Ken and the Committee had not been accepted for consideration. Licensing will allow the sale of alcohol until 11.00pm and the situation will need to be monitored.

No. 38 Tadorne Road, Tadworth:
Retrospective planning has been refused
Minutes proposed:Hazel Loades Seconded: Gillian Hein

6. Walton Heath Golf Club:
There was a brief update on Walton Heath Golf Club’s application for de-registration of common land and land exchange.

7. Mike Fox:
Prior to Mike’s presentation to the Committee, Clive explained there had been a need to gather full information about the membership and that Mike and Ken Hare had kindly agreed to compile this and develop the database in conjunction with Neighbourhood Watch information.

Mike explained there were 2800 names listed but as 250 were not interested in the Association this number reduced to 2600. 800 members had given e-mail addresses and 262 were life members, 10% of the membership. A spreadsheet was displayed showing all the information available at present. When the Autumn newsletter is delivered it will be necessary to confirm and update information with members, adding post codes and phone numbers if necessary. He explained that each member will be able to update their own details on line, accessing the database using their own password. The database is necessary prior to the introduction of standing orders as a means of collecting subscriptions. Members will be given a membership number which can be used by the R.A.to identify that a payment has been made. He confirmed that the Police were changing their system for contacting residents in the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. A further presentation will be made at the Road Stewards Meeting on Saturday, 19th October.

Clive thanked Mike for all his, and Ken’s hard work in preparing the database.

8. Twitter - Hazel Loades:
Hazel confirmed that a Twitter account had been opened and explained how the system operated. She said followers can access it by typing @TadworthWalton. Discussion followed on how the TWRA could use this facility and Ken expressed concerns about its use. The Committee has to decide what information is tweeted and it was agreed that Hazel should be responsible for the tweets with prior agreement of committee members.

9. Correspondance: None

10. A.O.B.:
Parking Review:
Ann enquired about the parking review and when the proposed changes would be implemented. She also asked when the alterations by the Tadworth Childrens Trust would be undertaken and suggested writing to Mike Gosling requesting an update.

Notice Board:
The Tadworth Notice Board has warped in the front and it was hoped Paul could investigate.

The system for applying for funds remains the same for this year although different criteria may apply next year. Applications need to be made before the 30th November deadline. It was suggested we apply for a grant to replace the seats outside Nethercott’s which were stolen recently but this needs to be discussed and costed.
Dr. Doug Smith:
Gillian suggested a memorial seat in the Jubilee Woodland, possibly sited near the pond, could be considered. Funds are available and the design could be similar to the memorial seat already installed in the woodland. Alternatively, a seat could be installed by Walton Pond.

There was discussion about the purchase of a projector for which funds are available.

Duck House:
Ken reported the Duck House on Walton Pond needed repair and to be fixed in place at an estimated cost of £30 agreeing to carry out the work. Clive offered to assist.

Walton Pond:
Complaints had been received about rubbish in the pond and the excessive amount of vegetation growing around the pond, which might be quite rare. The Parks Department should be consulted on what action to take. Walton Forum is planning a clean up event involving local schools.

Roads Stewards:
Discussion followed about arrangements for the forthcoming meeting

It was agreed that contact details for Committee Members be circulated to the Committee.

Date of next meeting:
19th November 2013