Minutes of committee meeting held on 17th December 2013
Tadworth and Walton Residents' Association
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1. Attendance:
President - Dr. Simon Carpenter
Chairman - Clive Elcome
Vice Chairman - Gillian Hein
Secretary - Gillian Bockmeulen

In Attendance:
Borough Councillors - Rachel Turner, Vic Broad

Reigate & Banstead Council - Janet Hill

Committee - Ken Chivers, Geoff Hewitt, Hazel Loades, Paul Waller, Bryan Yates

Apologies - Trish Canham, Cllr. Mike Gosling, Cllr. Michael Vivona, Robin Parr-Davies, Eric Smith

2. Councillor's Presentation:
Rachel Turner:

Rachel Turner informed the Committee that Berkeley Homes were likely to submit a planning application to build 13 additional homes on the former Police training site in Walton and that the Planning Committee had been informed. Concerns were expressed as this could encroach on Green Belt.

She announced the details of the review of the Fox and Hounds public house which will be held at the Town Hall on 23rd January, 2014 at 2.00p.m. Members of the public can attend. Commander Richard Haycock has requested evidence with submissions by letter or e-mail. She reported that police had attended the pub on 33 occasions and witness statements are being obtained. She also requested the Residents Association contact the landlord, to inform him that numerous complaints had been received about various issues arising in the pub. Additionally she requested a letter from the Residents Association be submitted for the review.

Gillian Hein, Clive Elcome and Rachel are to arrange a meeting to discuss. She confirmed that Council officers were working very closely with the police on this matter. Rachel has worked extremely hard to resolve matters and requested support from the Residents Association.

She had attended an Executive Meeting and was pleased to report that Reigate and Banstead Council was in a sound financial state and that various projects were progressing well. She was proud to be a councillor.

Vic Broad:
Vic explained that as the Council Leader, Joan Spiers had been unwell he had undertaken much of her work load. He outlined the progress on the Preston regeneration scheme and said that sale of some land had raised an additional £2million and costs had been covered. He explained that the Council would benefit from a profit sharing scheme when houses were sold at a higher price. The Council’s capital reserve is very strong but council tax would have to be raised by a small amount next year as the council would lose £3.5 million in 3 year’s time if the government subsidy is removed.

As a member of the Police Crime Commission he had attended a presentation about a scheme operating in the London Borough of Newham where police are supported by council law enforcement officers when attending specific incidents. This approach has been very effective and it is proposed to trial a similar scheme in the Borough. This has the support of the Police Commissioner.

He confirmed that various plans agreed by Council, The Preston regeneration scheme, improvements in the Merstham area, Memorial Park, Redhill and Reigate were coming to fruition.

Gillian Hein expressed concern about the layout of the Preston development but was informed that the final design would not necessarily be the one that had been submitted for 130 houses. It was hoped that in all cases of regeneration the areas would be improved by better design.

3. Walton Planning - Ken Chivers
Land in Front of Coral Bazaar Site Permanent car park for T.C. Cleaning Staff
It was hoped that a 4ft high hedge could be planted in front to screen the development and Gillian will write to the planning committee. There were no other objections.

BlueBall, DeansLane
Rear ground floor extension in place of raised terrace plus internal alterations
No Objection

Meadow House, Meadow Walk
Demolition of existing house. Erect 3 new 2.5 storey detached houses
New access to one house from Deans Lane
Other two use existing improved driveway from Meadow walk

There was a general discussion about the Council’s redesigned web-site for planning matters which was unsatisfactory on occasions and failed to provide the necessary information. The Committee felt it was difficult to comment without having access to plans and Gillian will look at the plans. In respect of the above application it was felt that the three dwellings were well designed but residents had expressed concerns about the height of the chimneys. The Committee felt the design was sympathetic to the area which is a RASC area. There is already a precedent in the area and sufficient space for three dwellings. A letter will be sent to planning concerning the height of the chimneys.

4. Tadworth Planning – Gillian Hein
Gillian had attended the last day of the Examination in Public enquiry. The inspector had visited the Nork area and decided that there may be potential for additional development further south potential, however, representations were made that the infrastructure in Tadworth/Walton/Kingswood/|Lower Kingswood could not support any additional development. The Inspector agreed with this submission. Developers want to build on the Green Belt but the Council do not want any changes. Areas around Reigate and Redhill may be affected.
There had been correspondence about the proposed path across Burgh heath which needs to lead to the traffic lights at Asda. However, phasing at the lights would need to be altered.

Fairwind – Hurst Road
Demolish existing bunglalow. Replace with 5 bed house
The footprint is bigger but conditions have been added.

7, Breech Lane
Demolish existing house. Erect 2 new semi-detached with parking spaces

5. Minutes and Matters Arising:
Proposed: Paul Waller Seconded: Ken Chivers

6. Budgens
Ken Chivers said he had contacted Cllr. Gosling concerning the loading bay at the store but had received no response. He explained that delivery lorries were causing congestion and traffic problems in the village and asked what conditions had been included when planning was granted. A letter is to be sent to Cllr. Gosling raising the Committee’s concerns. Rachel will contact Gillian with details of the conditions attached to the application.
Discussion followed about the local newsagent, Mr. Patel, whose business has been adversely affected by Budgen’s decision to sell magazines and newspapers. He has started a petition which has attracted 150 signatures and it was proposed that the Residents Association should write to Budgen’s Chief Executive requesting the store stop selling these items.

7. Members’ Allocation Funding
Paul proposed that financial support be given to the Good Shepherd playgroup which meets on Wednesday mornings and suggested this could provide badly needed equipment. It was suggested that an application for Pfizer money would be appropriate in the future but it was recommended that he make a direct application to Cllr. Gosling for funding from Surrey County Council monies. If unsuccessful, TWRA will consider a grant. He will send a copy of his application to the Secretary for circulation to Committee members.

8. Police - Paul Waller
He reported that a van had been broken into in Chequers Lane and tools removed. There had been a break-in in Shelvers Way and catalytic converters taken from vehicles elsewhere in the borough.

9. A.O.B
The council is monitoring the Mead Court car park as residents had complained that people were parking their cars there for too long. Parking to be restricted to 2 hours. Residents in Shelvers Hill are pleased with the new parking restrictions.
The Carols in the Woodland had been a success and £80 raised for the Good Shepherd . It is hoped to repeat the event next year.

Date of next meeting: 21st January, 2014