Minutes of committee meeting held on 18th June 2013
Tadworth and Walton Residents' Association
Minutes of the meeting held on 18th June, 2013 -
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Chairman - Clive Elcome
Vice Chairman - Gillian Hein
Treasurer - Roger Dring
Secretary - Gillian Bockmeulen

In Attendance:
Surrey County Councillor - Michael Gosling
Borough Councillors - Rachel Turner, Vic Broad, Michael Vivona
Reigate and Banstead Council - Janet Hill

Committee - Bryan Yates, Paul Waller, Hazel Loades,

Apologies: Trish Canham, Geoff Hewitt, Ken Chivers, Ann Liddle

Clive was pleased to announce that he and Trish had met with Tony Andrews, a web designer, who has offered his service free to design and develop the Association’s web site which would include links to other sites. Tony Andrews will liaise with Mike Fox.

1. Councillors Presentations
Councillor Broad
Vic had received an update from Kathy O’Leary on the Core Strategy following the hearings which took place 14th to 24th May. He reported that the Inspector was not suggesting alterations to the target of 460 dwellings, an affordable housing target of 30% and the Council was not required to include a target in the gypsy and traveller accommodation policy. It is a very satisfactory result for the Council. Following a visit to the North Downs area at the request of a councillor the Inspector had concluded that as there were good transport links and greater accessibility there was potential for continued residential intensification, possibly coming from windfalls. The Inspector has recognised that Walton, Lower Kingswood, Walton and Woodmansterne areas are not appropriate for high development.

The amendments to the Core Strategy will be discussed at a Council Executive meeting scheduled for 27th June and if agreed this will be followed by a public consultation in July/August.

Cllr Broad reported 902 houses had been built in last 7 years with 22% in the north of the borough, 61% in the central area and 17% in Horley.

He reported the new Police and Crime Commissioner had made two appointments, appointing a commissioner to reach out to the Urdu-speaking population. The appointee is being paid £12,500 per annum.

Cllr. Gosling
Mike reported that Operation Horizon, a plan to improve roads had been approved on 17th June. This plan, proposed for completion within five years, includes road improvements to Tadworth Street, Tadworth High Street, Station Approach, Crossroads, Preston, Epsom Lane North (northern part) which should be completed within two years, depending on weather conditions. Other smaller restoration work will also be undertaken. Work will be guaranteed for 10 years. Future work after that time period will depend on funding which is uncertain at the present. Clive reported that gas workings were due in the school holidays and Mike said that the programme had been devised with the utility companies. Roger Dring stressed that restoration work must be carried out by contractors and not be at the Council’s expense. An area of such concern was the development in the Avenue but this is being monitored. Mike said that roads with a high profile need to be done but that some cul-de-sacs were in a very poor state. Work on the junction near to the Childrens Trust will be carried out but a TPO had been identified which was delaying the work.

Cllr. Turner
Cllr. Turner reported that Tattenhams Library had had its official opening event on the previous Saturday and despite poor weather had been extremely successful, raising £650. She is extremely proud at what has been achieved.

The Fox and Hounds Public House issues continue. She reported that the marquee had been removed and no building work had been revealed. The Council Licensing Dept., the Planning Dept and the Police are all actively involved with monitoring the situation. The pub is now advertising bed and breakfast accommodation. She reported that local residents were keeping diaries noting noise levels.

Many residents have expressed great concern about the proposed parking changes.

She reported that the BSBV consultation on Epsom Hospital and St. Helier hospital services has now been delayed until after the summer. Information relating to the Ambulance Service had been obtained through the Freedom and Information Act. She felt that realistically no developments would happen until mid-2014. Mike Gosling said that it was important to have hospitals offering specialist care for specific conditions and that people needed to go to the best place available for treatment. He reported that five sites in Surrey will receive funding for improvements.

A second funeral business has opened on Shelvers Hill in the former print shop.

She reported there had been complaints about the ripped canopy at the sandwich shop (Munchies) on Shelvers Hill. Janet Hill said that as it contained advertising the Council could take action on this matter if necessary.

Cllr. Turner reported she had visited 55 Ashurst Road following complaints and would be emailing the relevant council officers.

Cllr. Vivona
Cllr. Vivona reported the findings of the Core Strategy hearings were good news for the Council. In regard to the Leisure Centre development there had been an objection to acompulsory purchase order which would delay development and would incur a financial penalty. He reported that regeneration in the Merstham area is now needed. He also reported that the Jubilee Woodland event on 8th June had been a success. Michael announced he has been promoted to Leader of the Conservative Group. The Chairman offered the Association’s congratulations.

It was reported that 58 of the 235 plots at the back of Downsway (Pump House Field), have been sold at a reported £27,000 each. Residents had expressed concern that the field was becoming over grown. The farmer who owns Langley Bottom Farm has approached the agents for Kingsland Global who now own the land, to ask if he could farm it but has received no response. Cllr. Turner reported that was nothing the Council could do about this matter. Roger explained that there is no access to this land and no services, i.e. drains, water etc. An Article 4 directive had been placed on the area by the Council but one of the notices has gone and will be replaced. This situation is complicated as the company is registered off shore.

2. TWRA response to RBBC Parking Proposals
Clive gave a background history saying a meeting with David Curl, Mike Gosling, Gillian Hein and himself had reviewed all the hot spots identifying areas which needed consideration. These had been agreed as outlined in Parking Priorities 2012. The new proposals would appear to have ignored certain aspects of this agreed plan. A consultation was now underway but responses had to be sent to Surrey County Council by 27th June. It was agreed that there were two sites of concern, Tadworth High Street and Crossroads. Residents and shop keepers had expressed considerable concern about the form of the new traffic restrictions which would significantly affect their livelihoods. Cllr. Turner said all the shops keepers were opposed and she had received complaints from Tower Road residents. Mike Gosling reported that there were two issues; traffic needed to move freely and safety. He said that Highways staff had visited and monitored traffic movement but stressed the need for feedback on the proposals and said a decision would only be made after analysis of residents’ concerns. Cllr. Broad said there was a feeling that decisions had already been taken but Cllr. Gosling re-iterated that nothing had happened and this was only a consultation and residents should write with their objections. Committee members felt that current parking restrictions were not being enforced.

Cllr. Broad said the needs of commuters and the staff at shops needed to be considered and suggested 2hour parking slots in some areas might resolve some issues or issuing parking permits for shop staff. He enquired whether the highways officer was aware of the shop keepers concerns.

Gillian Hein said when parking issues had initially been discussed safety and shop viability were considered but this proposal seemed to be the reverse. Roger Dring also felt the blanket ban at weekends was not appropriate.

Cllr. Turner said commuter parking was the problem and these proposals would simply push the problem further in the community. It was suggested the main employers in the area be approached to address the problem but Mike Gosling advised companies had no legal responsibilities outside work. The problem is compounded as no charges are made to park and as Tadworth Station falls within Zone 6 it is cheaper to travel from here. Roger Dring complained the maps outlining the proposed parking changes were confusing and Cllr. Gosling said people could contact the number on the notice for clarification. It was agreed that parking for people visiting shops was the priority rather than providing for commuters. Gillian suggested that more “no parking before 9.30am” areas could be marked out.

Roger Dring felt that people were suspicious of government plans and the perception was that a decision had already been reached. The Chairman said all parties should express their concerns in writing and the Committee would be sending its own view on this matter. Information will be put on the web site. There was some criticism at the short amount of time given for people to respond. Mike Gosling assured the Committee that all comments would be considered before a decision was made.

Hazel Loades enquired how best to deal with the traffic consultation.

3. Tadworth Planning
Cllr. Broad asked what is happening about the Residential Areas of Special Character and Gillian reported that areas had been identified and she would report on this at a later date.

Ketcham Site
A revised plan had been drawn up reducing the number of houses to 12. Gillian said we should still object on the grounds the development impacts on the Jubilee Woodland although she felt we might lose if this went to appeal. The Committee felt that the plans could be improved by a better lay-out i.e., with the access road running alongside the adjoining fence. Cllr. Turner reported the Northern Panel were unanimously supportive of our objections.

Linden Lea
Surrey County Council and Reigate and Banstead Councils are now working together to deal with this on-going problem.

Bryan Yates asked if planning officers would still make decisions on extensions etc. but following changes in the planning laws less applications will now be considered.

Roger reported that 16 Downs Way has been sold to a developer and it is anticipated that a planning application will follow.

4. Update re Jubilee Woodland – Janet Hill
Janet reported the 1st Birthday celebrations had been a success.
She reported that work on the Planter, to be cited outside Lloyds Bank, was progressing following a safety audit. £2000 from Pfizer and £2800 from LCAP will fund the project but as it anticipated the final figure is £6600, additional funds are needed. She could approach shop keepers for donations but Roger Dring offered a donation from the TWRA. It was decided that extra funding would come from Pfizer money and the TWRA donation would make up the shortfall. She confirmed that RBBC would be responsible for maintenance and planting. Hazel Loades asked if additional cycle racks could be provided in this area and Janet will investigate this. Roger also suggested that there could be a greater provision of cycle racks at the station which would encourage people to cycle and not drive and park at the station alleviating the problem of commuter parking.
Paul Waller raised the matter of the notice board and who is responsible for it. Other organisations such as the horticultural society and the police may wish to use it. A combination lock has been fitted (217).

Clive thanked to Janet for all her hard work on behalf of the community.

5 .Matters Arising
Referring to Item 8 of the Minutes Gillian Hein reported that John Chiles has contacted Pfizers concerning the fencing of area at Little Heath and had been informed that this is now owned by Buckland Estates. He will be following up on this matter.

Minutes were proposed by Paul Waller and seconded by Bryan Yates

6. Police Update – Paul Waller
Paul reported that this area has seen the largest decrease in crime. He also said that the PSCO has been loaned to Reigate as our crime rate is low. Mike Fox will be sending out police alerts. Hazel reported that she was receiving alerts via Twitter.

7. Treasurer’s report – Roger Dring
Roger reported that £350 had been paid in but there were no transactions other than those already mentioned. Bryan Yates informed him that Trish had monies, £750+ from subscriptions.

8. Correspondence
This has been covered under previous items.

9. A.O.B
Feedback from the AGM suggested that residents object to the proposed increase in subscriptions to £5.

A letter has been received from a resident who attended the AGM stating that he felt there should be more emphasis on local issues such as planning and parking and less on health, policing and political issues.

Discussion followed about a proposed Road Stewards meeting that should take place before the Autumn newsletter. Roger said details need to be worked prior to this meeting. Road stewards will need to check all e-mail addresses in order to facilitate the data base that is being prepared and Mike Fox wants a meeting to discuss this. A date in early September was suggested. There was further discussion about what form the road stewards meeting should take and the feeling was it should be informal, with a short presentation. As about 50 people could attend Clive is e-mailing Ann Liddle who is responsible for booking Breech Lane Community Centre.

Next meeting to be held on 16th July, 2013.