Minutes of committee meeting held on 15th July 2014
Tadworth and Walton Residents' Association
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1. Attendance:
Chairman - Clive Elcome
Vice-Chairman - Gillian Hein
Secretary - Gillian Bockmeulen
Treasurer - Robin Parr-Davies

In Attendance:
Committee - Geoff Hewitt, Paul Waller, Simon Carpenter, Trish Canham & Grant Webster

Councillors - Rachel Turner & Michael Viovona

Observers - Sylvia Wooderson & Chris Chapman

Apologies - Cllr. Vic Broad, Ann Liddle, Eric Smith & Ann Webster

2. Presentation by James Mallison and team of GKA, (Sainsbury’s Community Representatives) re: planned development of BMW Mini site, The Avenue, Tadworth.
James Mallison, Mark Rush and Gary Morris attended the meeting to present the plan and respond to questions concerning the above proposed development.

Mr. Rush reported that Sainsbury’s have leased the site, subject to planning permission, to open a local store on the Mini Cooper site in the Avenue, with 14 parking spaces. The proposed store is likely to open from 7.00am to 11.00pm and will include an ATM facility. In addition to selling groceries, pre-packed meat etc., Sainsbury’s intend to apply for a licence to sell alcohol. Newspapers and magazines will also be sold.

He explained that main deliveries would be twice daily using the route via the High Street and would be controlled. There would be additional deliveries from other suppliers, i.e. bread and milk, newspapers and all deliveries would take place on the forecourt. He estimated 20 – 25 full and part time jobs would be created.

Mr Rush showed detailed plans of the site which include the demolition of the current car showroom to accommodate the 14 parking spaces which he stated would have a time limit, probably 1 hour but this could be extended to 1 1⁄2 hours if this is considered desirable. The plans are available on-line.

Following his presentation he was asked about the impact of such a retail unit on existing traders in Tadworth, however, he felt customers would still use the butcher and greengrocer. The new shop would have a sales area about 60% greater than One Stop. Concern was expressed about increased traffic as parking is a major problem in this area and Mr. Rush felt most customers would walk although the plans calculate that 45% of trade will come from people who shop outside the area.

The plan also includes space to the rear which Sainsbury’s intends to sub-let. Their proposal suggests that a MOT garage might take on a lease but this raises the possibility of additional traffic and parking issues and the Committee members informed him that there were other garages in the vicinity providing this service.

Information about the plans will be available on the TWRA web-site and residents are invited to view this and make their own comments if they wish to Reigate and Banstead Planning Department. Chris Chapman of Chapman Butchers attended the meeting representing traders in Tadworth and he can be contacted at chapmansbutchers@ntlworld.com.

A letter from the TWRA outlining the plans will be put on the web-site, displayed in the village and members will also be emailed. The Planning Application number is 14/01344 and can been viewed on the Reigate and Banstead Borough Council website.

3. Councillor Report - Councillor Turner
Councillor Turner reported she had received complaints about the gas board’s work in Howards Close and had been actively working to resolve the problems.

There are still parking problems in Walton and it has been suggested that T.C. Cleaners may be allowed to park on green belt land to the rear of their premises which would help alleviate the problem.

From 8th July East Surrey Hospital A. and E. is open 6am to 8pm and a 24 hour service at weekend. Patients will be required to contact via the 111 service.

She reported that Rachel Royall, Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs at Epsom Hospital is being seconded elsewhere for three months but is unlikely to return to the hospital.

The Northern Panel is considering planning applications from Sainsbury’s, Lywood Close and White Lodge.

She is still receiving complaints about the Fox and Hounds public house but informed the meeting that the Joint Enforcement Team may get involved.

It was agreed that the Committee write to Enforcement to ask them to act.

Councillor Turner
Michael informed the Committee that the Joint Enforcement Team (JET) had started operating in the Borough which is the first in Surrey .

The Core Strategy was passed on the 3rd of July with a period of time in which appeals can be made, although it was felt that it would be adopted. The Development Management Plan will start in September with residents associations being consulted next year.

He explained the need for future investment in order to finance projects. Re-cycling for flats is to be rolled out soon.

4. Walton Planning – Ken Chivers/Geoff Hewitt
Crammond, 60 Chequers Lane
Demolish garage (detached) and erect two story side extension
No Objection

Blue Ball, Deans Lane
Demolish existing outbuildings. Proposed rare extension and rebuilding on existing footprint
No Objection

8 Sandlands Road
Conversion of ground floor flat and first floor flat into a single dwelling. 2-storey side extension incorporating granny flat. Single storey rear extension. Create additional off road parking.
No Objection

Tadworth Planning – Gillian Hein
Cut back overhang from 10 no. Cypress back to new development to height of 5 metres.
Concerns have been expressed about the application and the neighbour has objected.

1 Tadorne Road
Neighbour has expressed concern about being over looked. Concerns were also raised about the design.
No Objection

4/ 5, Lywood Close
Single storey ear extension to Nos. 4 and 5 and first floor rear extension to No. 4. As amended by plans received 7.7.14
Neighbours have objected to the inclusion of a balcony on No.5 complaining of loss of privacy. The plans appear to show a separate unit and objections have been made to the sliding doors and the general appearance of the property.
Objection on the grounds of loss of privacy, design and the creation of two separate properties. This application will go before the Northern Panel.

White Lodge
To utilise roofs for accommodation
Although the proposal to put accommodation in the roof will increase density there are no objections to this application.

Planning Decisions:
The appeal by Walton Heath Golf Club to deregister the area known as Beecham’s Field was granted in accordance with the application.
12/01958F: Motts Hill Lane: Retention of alterations and extension to stable (Retrospective application). The appeal was dismissed.
13/01156/HHOLD: 38, Tadorne Road: Retention of timber shed/store. The appeal was dismissed. 14/00800/F: Meadow House
This application to build three detached dwellings was refused permission by a 16 to 1 majority at the Northern Panel. It is likely the applicant will appeal.
The Core Strategy was adopted and the Development Management Plan will begin in September. The design of the Duck House on Walton Pond will be decided by the Walton Forum.

5. Police Update: Paul Waller

Paul reported on the Police meeting held on 23rd July. He announced that a new Borough Commander, Andy Rundle has been appointed. He also announced the new initiative, Joint Enforcement Team, (JET) had started with its first operation in Tadworth. The team will deal with incidences such as litter, parking, nuisance and anti-social behaviour etc.

A large Stag sculpture outside the nursing home in The Avenue has been stolen and although the number of burglaries is down Clive reported that there had been a serious incident in Meadow Walk, Walton.

Gillian Hein reported there had been a burglary at the end of Copley Way.

6. Treasurer’s Report: Robin Parr-Davies.
Robin presented the Committee with an interim financial statement showing that £3,400 had been spent, largely on costs relating to the Golf Club Inquiry. Income was down at present as only subscriptions paid by standing order have been collected and the remainder being collected when the Autumn Newsletter is distributed.

Pfizer money has been received and the Walton Forum and the Committee agreed that the TWRA would administer the financial side of the £2,500 Walton Forum allocation on its behalf.

7. A.O.B.
Discussion took place about how the Pfizer monies should be spent and it was decided that some funds would be allocated to plant trees. Surrey Highways will need to be consulted on this.

Geoff Hewitt is in communication with the Sea Scouts who have requested funding to renovate their facilities.

The new rail franchise is to start running two trains an hour from Tadworth to Cambridge from 2017/18. Pebble Hill is to be closed for 4 months for essential work from 8th September.

The Minutes and Matters arising from the June Committee meeting are to be discussed and approved at the next meeting in August.

Date of the next meeting is 19th August – venue to be announced.