Minutes of committee meeting held on 16th September 2014
Tadworth and Walton Residents' Association
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1. Attendance:
Chairman - Clive Elcome
Secretary - Gillian Bockmeulen
Treasurer - Robin Parr-Davies

In Attendance:
Committee - Geoff Hewitt, Paul Waller, Ken Chivers, Simon Carpenter, Grant Webster & Bryan Yates

Councillors - Rachel Turner

Apologies - Trish Canham, Gillian Hen & Ann Liddle

Clive invited Grant Webster to join the TWRA Committee. Mr Webster has attended meetings as an observer and he was unanimously voted on to the Committee. His wife, Ann will attend meetings if Grant is unavailable.

2. Councillors' Reports
Cllr. Turner:

Rachel reported on the latest information concerning Kings Land Real Estate, the Dubai based company who is selling plots for development on Pump House Field. An article had appeared in the Epsom Guardian newspaper recently. 155 plots had been advertised and most had been reserved, sold or re-sold. She confirmed that no building can take place.

Having attended the McCarthy and Stone presentation in Tadworth she expressed the opinion that the 27 parking places, including parking for the warden and visitors were insufficient leading to additional congestion on the Avenue. There was also concern about the entrance to the site which is shown to be adjacent to Holmwood Nursing Home. A planning application is yet to be submitted.

The Fox and Hounds public house has a new manager who has expressed a wish to work with the community.

The Sainsbury Local supermarket application will be discussed at the Planning Committee Meeting on Wednesday, 29th October at the Town Hall.

She had received complaints about the condition of the surface of the road along Tadworth Street and also numerous complaints about the closure of Pebble Hill which is causing long delays along the A217 and adding considerably to journey times. The work is now expected to be completed within 3 months and not 4 as originally stated. However, it was suggested that Gillian Hein write to Cllr. Mike Gosling to ask if he can expedite matters.

Residents have also complained about the Gas Works being undertaken in Tadworth .

Rachel reported that there has been an increase in the number of vehicles being broken into in the Epsom area and also vehicles being stolen.

Finally, she reported that a group of travellers had moved on to the Cricket Ground last week but following negotiations between the travellers, the police and herself, they had moved off the pitch.

3. Walton Planning: Ken Chivers:
49 Walton Street
Change from ground floor shop/office to whole to be one residential unit. A similar application had been rejected and the Committee voted to object to this application.

Junction Mill Road A217
Telephone Mast 20m high, 6 Antennas. 3 Equipment Cabinets
Having reviewed the plans it was suggested that the mast be set back by about 6 feet away from the edge of the pavement.

4. Tadworth Planning: Bryan Yates:
Formation of loft conversion with rear Dormer and front roof light. The design was considered out of keeping with neighbouring properties on the grounds of scale.

4/5 Lyewood Close
Single storey rear extension to No. 4 and No. 5 and first floor extension to No. 4. Concern was expressed that the folding windows would overlook a neighbour. Gillian Hein is to be asked to write seeking clarification of applicant’s plans concerning future use for the extension.

5. Minutes and Matters Arising:
Frith Park Planning Application
Ken Chivers circulated a report from the Surrey County Council Highways department which had raised three objections to the proposal: concern about the infrastructure and its implications for the development, lack of parking at the three local stations, and stating the nearest bus stops is sited at Howard’s Close which is approximately a 25 minute walk along a road without pavement and unlit. Reigate and Banstead Planning department do not have to accept its findings. Ken informed the Committee that the residents of Sturt Lane had commissioned their own independent report from a traffic consultant who works for Transport for London. He has submitted a detailed report and has agreed to speak if the plan comes before the Planning Committee. Access to the site is a major concern and additionally congestion which would occur as a result of the lack of parking in the plans.

Councillor Turner will ask for the plans to be considered at the Northern Panel.

Minutes Proposed: Robin Parr-Davies - Seconded: Ken Chivers

6. Walton Heath Golf Club
Clive informed the Committee that an application had been made to the Treasury Solicitor to apply for a Judicial Review. Confirmation had been received that it would be considered under the Aarhus Agreement which would limit our liabilities to £5,000.

A decision was taken to appoint a new solicitor, Adrian Barratt of KCM Solicitors (Guildford), recommended by the barrister, Dr. Ashley Bowes. He has agreed to act for a capped fee of £1500+ V.A.T. and will file the appeal on behalf of the barrister. It is understood that any appeal might take up to a year to be heard.

The Committee voted to proceed with the appeal.

7. Treasurer’s Report: Robin Parr-Davies
Robin reported that subscriptions were not coming in as quickly as in previous years although it had been agreed that the bulk of subscriptions would be collected by the road stewards in the Autumn. He emphasised the need to supply a standing order form with the Autumn Newsletter and to inform residents they should send the completed form to their bank. Standing order applications can also be made on line.

There is £8,300 being held in a current account (£7,400 of this is Pfizer monies) and £22,000 in a savings account.

8. Autumn Newsletter:
The electronic version of the Autumn Newsletter was published today (16th September) and the hard copy version is being printed. Clive explained that some subscriptions have still not been paid and in future this will be reviewed, and if the subscription is not forthcoming it would be assumed that the resident is no longer interested in remaining in the Association.

He informed the Committee that Mr. Tony Andrews had kindly collated the Newsletter this Autumn for which he was being paid a fee of £150.

9. Police: Paul Waller

Paul reported there had been an increase in the number of crimes, mostly for anti-social behaviour. The Police community meeting will take place on Wednesday, 8th October in the Good Shepherd Church, Tadworth at 19.30 hours.

Committee members reported that they have not been receiving police alerts. Jill will send updated e-mail address to Mike Fox for inclusion on the database.

10. Correspondence:


11. A.O.B.
Grant reported that the Planning Inspector had visiting the Meadow House site in Walton on 16th September and that a decision would be made within three weeks.

Ken Chivers corrected an item in the Newsletter which should read “Crown House “ not “Trafalgar House”.

Date of the next Meeting: 22 October, 2014 TBC