Minutes of committee meeting held on 16th December 2014
Tadworth and Walton Residents' Association
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1. Attendance:
Chairman - Clive Elcome
Vice-Chairman - Gillian Hein
Secretary - Gillian Bockmeulen
Treasurer - Robin Parr-Davies

In Attendance:
Committee - Paul Waller, Ken Chivers, Geoff Hewitt

Councillors - Rachel Turner, Vic Broad, Janet Hill (R&B Council)

Apologies - Simon Carpenter, Ann Liddlle, Trish Canham, Hazel Loades, Ann and Grant Webster, Cllr. Michael Vivona

2. Councillors' Reports

Cllr. Vic Broad:

Councillors Broad reported that he had been in contact with Surrey County Council concerning the problems relating to the closure of Pebble Hill and had enquired why more information had not been made available about the length of closure and why it had been necessary to close the whole Christmas period but will close again afterwards to complete the works.

He reported the re-development projects were proceeding well. The Northern sector in Horley had been signed off. The J.E.T. scheme is proving a success, the participants now have radios and can now issue fines for inconsiderate parking etc.

Web-casting of planning meetings will begin in January and also Council meetings. He emphasised the need for the Council to engage with the community it represents and promote its achievements.

The financial state of the Council remains sound. The proposed Gatwick expansion will become a major issue in the future. The Council remains neutral on the proposals and awaits more Information, however, he stressed the importance of including infrastructure in any proposed plans. The community appears to be split in its opinion with some support from the residents of Horley, many of whom work at the airport.

The Police Commissioner has suggested that a precept be added to council tax in order to provide funds for policing. A referendum would need to take place before any such proposal is adopted. Vic said if the police are short of funds, the Commissioner has a duty to inform the Council. Geoff Hewitt felt that better use of man power should be considered. In future mergers with other forces might produce better efficiencies.

Cllr. Turner:

Rachel reported that T.C. Cleaners have bought the former Barclays Bank site but its future use was unknown at this stage. Similarly it is uncertain what will happen to the former Gemini Restaurant.

The Tadworth Post Office will shut at 1.00pm on Saturday, 3rd January, 2015 for refurbishment and re-open on 7th, January, 2015 at 9.00a.m.with the retail counter opening on 9th January. The Post Office is extending its opening hours.

James Clark who lives in Tadworth Park has been adopted as the prospective councillor at the upcoming elections in 2015. He is a lawyer with specialist knowledge of the National Health Service.

3. Walton Planning: Ken Chivers:
Sturt House, Sturt Lane.
Rear kitchen extension. Change of use First floor offices to bed/living rooms for residents.
There was concern that this proposed extension, although small, is on Green Belt land and might set a precedent in the area. However, the final decision will be taken by the planning officers.
No Objection

Frith Park, Sturts Lane.
Mixed development of 37 dwellings (Amended drawings)
There are changes to the drawings in the elevations but no information on changes to the entrance. Rachel will enquire whether this will go before the Northern Panel or be considered at the Committee Stage. Clarification is needed on future use of the farm buildings which is ambiguous at present as they could be used for either additional houses or industrial use. Ken Chivers again raised the issue of traffic in Sturts Lane and requested help from the Councillors

Marlow, Deans Lane
Ground floor extension. First floor roof extensions and alterations.
John Renshaw, a neighbour, had raised concerns about the extension. It was decided that the R.A. request conditions to be added, i.e. no windows in the new roof at fist floor level overlooking Mr. Renshaw’s property.

Tadworth Planning: Gillian Hein:
7, Downsway
Two storey side extension, conversion of internal garage
This plan shows a large extension. Concern was expressed about possible damage to a tree by a replacement garage.

Vodaphone application
Erection of a 15 metre column with ground based cabinets and ancillary development
There was concern that the erection of the 15 metre column and cabinets would add clutter to an already congested corner.

41 Walton Street - Retention of advertisement - Refused
49 Walton Street - Change of Use to residential - Refused
14 Harpurs - To fell Sweet Chestnut Tree - Appeal dismissed
Little Walden - Two dwellings Appeal - Appeal Dismissed
Headley - Farm buildings/vineyard - Refused
Lavingtons, Heath drive - Appeal
15, Meadow Walk - Appeal (by written representation)

4. Minutes and Matters Arising:
Three Specialist groups are to be formed to consider 1: Marketing to be chaired by Robin Parr-Davies, 2: Newsletters to be chaired by Jill Bockmeulen and 3) Updating communication with members to be chaired by Paul Waller. It is hoped the first meetings can be arranged for January.
Minutes proposed: Ken Chivers Seconded: Gillian Hein

5. Feedback from Federation meeting – Gillian Hein:
Gillian had attended two Federation meetings, first in October at which Cllr. Tony Scholfield who is in charge of planning talked about the Development Management Plan. He explained there will be three sub-groups to cover three areas in the borough with two councillors to represent each area. A public meeting may be needed in the future but initially a smaller meeting comprising councillors and residents association representatives will be arranged. Resident Associations have been requested to provide information concerning commercial areas and RASCs. Etc.

A second meeting considered C.I.L. (Community Infrastructure Levy). It is proposed to charge developers £120 per sq metre in the north of the borough and £180 per sq. metre in Horley North West when developing new sites and £240 in rural areas. Building costs are higher in the north of the borough and Gillian suggested the same figure especially in RASCs and conservation areas where development pressures should be reduced. The proposal for convenience retail properties is £160 per sq. metre. By introducing these charges it is hoped that developers would develop brown field sites. It was suggested that the large supermarkets should be charged a higher figure. These charges will apply from the first house in the development.

Other considerations will include exceptions i.e. sheltered housing which would be liable for charges, whereas care homes would not. Charities can be exempt from such charges, however, some charities are now involved with commercial enterprises and could be charged. There will be an enquiry and the final decision is taken by an inspector. The deadline for comments is 12th January, after which a draft proposal will be issued. The R.A. will respond and all comments should be emailed to Gillian, (details are on the Council’s website).

Geoff Hewitt enquired if any statistics are available about road usage and numbers of vehicles in the areas in relation to development. Vic Broad said we should be able to say what type of houses we want in our area and this should be included in the D.M.P.

6. Feedback from D. Walkling/C. Chapman Meeting - Gillian Hein:
Rachel Turner, Gillian Hein and Gillian Bockmeulen attended the meeting arranged by Deidre Walkling/Chris Chapman to outline ideas for a propsed neighbourhood plan. The meeting considered the proposed McCarthy and Stone Development. As his was an initial meeting only general ideas were considered. The specific area to be included was not defined. The RA agreed to allow a statement to be issued in due course with its proposals to be sent via our database. This will ask interested residents to contact this group directly and will request residents to contact them by e-mail.

There appears to be some confusion amongst TWRA members and a statement from the RA will also be included stating our position. (The meeting also heard a presentation by Christopher Sander against the McCarthy and Stone application).

7. Police Update - Paul Waller:
Paul reported that there had been a theft of three vehicles in Hurst Road. There had been some damage to vehicles in the area but little else of significance to report. Police statistics had been issued for October.

8. Treasurer's Report - Robin Parr Davies:
Robin reported that to date he had received £4,517 in subscriptions of which £2817 had been received via road stewards, 1700 from standing orders. 563 residents had paid the road stewards, 340 set up standing orders. He reported that our expenditure had also increased. Pfizer monies for 2014 need to be spent and Gillian Hein informed the meeting that S.C.C. had lost all the documents relating to tree planting on the verges which the R.A. had proposed financing. This has delayed the work being carried out. Geoff Hewitt is to enquire if the Sea Scouts are still requesting funds for refurbishment of their hut.

Mrs. Joyce Standing has requested that funds be made available to place a bench on Shelvers Green, Shelvers Way.

Robin is still holding £2500 funds on behalf of the Walton Forum.

He reported that recent bank statements indicate standing orders, set up on line, are listed as Fast Payments which mean they may only be for a one-off payment this year. The bank has indicated it will try and identify if this is the case.

There is £3,000 in the Life Fund relating to life member payments. This option is no longer available to residents. He indicated that some of the 265 life members have also paid the £5 subscription which is to be welcomed, 20 are also paying by standing order.

Mike Fox who is responsible for the database paid for by the police is hoping complete this work shortly. It was therefore been decided that as our financial year ends on 31st December, any monies received after this date will be regarded as subscriptions for 2015. There are 1100 e-mails on the database and road lists are being amended and updated.

9. Where does our association go from here?
Paul Waller had suggested each Committee member indicate priorities for the residents association.
* Redefine our vision and purpose, explore different areas
* Public meetings and inform on issues of importance i.e. cybercrime, more use of the notice board to inform
* Need to improve newsletter and database, include local businesses
* Road lists to be updated and route be re-defined and re-numbered
* Need to be more focussed and need to communicate community on important issues
* Need to make residents more aware of what R.A. does, i.e. how many planning applications reviewed and give statistical information on success rates etc.
* Communicate with younger members – need to reach all ages in the community
* Suggestion a brief information sheets by distributed to all households Survey Monkey established to get immediate responses to important issues
* Provide a “premium service” i.e. through the Newsletter
* A Welcome Pack to include information from local business to be handed out by Estate Agents
* Consider advertising in the Newsletter to help finance it as it costs approximately £950 to print Need ideas to use Pfizer money
* Repair finances
* Do more than just deal with planning matters.
* Suggest photographs of Committee members and report what issues they deal with Contribute monies to local projects.
* Ann Liddle has requested a meeting be held for the road stewards to thank them for all their help, especially this year which has been difficult.

10. A.O.B.
Hazel Loades has reported that the TWRA now has 163 followers on Twitter and it is hoped that Facebook will follow.

The next meeting will include a presentation by Chinthurst School representatives concerning their planning application which is expected to be sent to the Council shortly. Objectors to the plan are also to be invited to attend.

Vic announced that there will be the Carols in the Woodland event on Saturday, 20th December at 3.30pm.

It was decided to make presentations to both Mike Fox and Tony Andrews in appreciation of all they have done and continue to do for the Residents Association. Their help and advice is greatly appreciated.

Clive thanked Gillian for hosting the meeting and providing hospitality which the Committee and Councillors enjoyed,

The next meeting will take place on 20 January 2015 at 8.00pm.