Minutes of committee meeting held on 17th June 2014
Tadworth and Walton Residents' Association
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1. Attendance:
Chairman - Clive Elcome
Secretary - Gillian Bockmeulen
Treasurer - Robin Parr-Davies

In Attendance:
Committee - Geoff Hewitt & Paul Waller

Councillor - Cllr. Vic Broad

Observers - Grant Webster

Apologies - Gillian Hein, Ken Chivers, Simon Carpenter, Rachel Turner, Trish Canham, Ann Liddle, Ann Webster (observer)

Clive congratulated Cllr. Broad on his election as Leader of the Council.

2. Councillor Report - Councillor Vic Broad
Vic announced that as the newly elected Leader of the Council he has instructed the Chief Executive to implement web-casting of the twice monthly council meetings and the planning meetings. It is hoped this will start by the end of the year. He announced Cllr. Rachel Turner will take his place on the planning committee. The committee will comprise three members from each area of the borough.

He also announced that he is setting up a Community Committee to allow smaller organisations, such as the World War 1 Committee which is working on the restoration of war memorials, the committee committed to helping unemployed young people to gain work experience and the armed forces covenant etc. to have the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns.

The Joint Enforcement Team was launched today. This joint council/police initiative will have shared power to enforce council by-laws dealing with anti-social behaviour such as littering, vandalism, parking, drug and drink offences. Police have 27 new powers and can give fixed penalty notices and the council personnel will wear high visibility uniforms. This is intended as a pilot scheme for the whole of Surrey and has been financed, including the acquisition of six vehicles, by the Police Commissioner.

On 3rd of July there will be a special council meeting to adopt the Core Strategy.

Councillor Rachel Turner: (A written report was presented at the meeting)
Rachel reported on a walk around Walton with Michael Gosling, Martin Stringfellow and local residents and shop keepers to identity parking issues. She is arranging a meeting with TC Cleaners to discuss parking matters. One resident is renting a parking space at the community centre in Breech Lane.

Rachel is investigating if the gas works in Howard’s Close have been completed following complaints. She has requested the replacement of the broken sign outside East Estate Agents.

Reporting on three hospital meetings she said there would be greater collaboration between East Surrey and Epsom in order to have 24 hour consultant cover via telemedicine concerning the care of stroke patients.

The chief officer from our C.C.G. said that residents in the north of the borough receive 10% per capita more than in the south for medical funding. She had received numerous complaints from people unable to get G.P. appointments and the situation was becoming serious.

She was investigating why Walton does not have floral displays unlike Tadworth and felt the site by Walton News could be utilised for this.

Barclays Bank in Tadworth is closing at the end of August, residents will have to use the Epsom or Banstead branches, Rachel concluded saying she is looking into residents requests for slow down signs in Chequers Lane.

3. Walton Planning - Geoff Chivers

7 Breech Lane
Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of replacement house with integral garage
Previous application was refused.

Demolition of existing dwelling and build block of seven flats

60 Chequers Lane
Application for the demolition of garage and erection of a two storey side extension to existing building

Blue Ball
Extension to rear and internal alterations

Little Walden, Egmont Park Road
Erection of two detached dwellings

Tadworth Planning - Gillian Hein & Brian Yates
63 Tadorne Road
Conversion of four bedroom house into two dwellings
To be discussed at next meeting

Gillian reported in a written statement that landscaping conditions had been approved at Ketchams but our comments had been ignored.

Conservation Areas:
Gillian had met with Roger Ponsford and John McInally, the Conservation Officer, who is preparing ‘appraisals’ for each of the Borough’s Conservation Areas (C.A.). Local groups will receive a draft appraisal with a possible meeting at the Town Hall. Gillian asked if Walton could be second as a document describing the character and the important features which justify C.A. status may help in fighting planningappeals. John McInally is suggesting minor changes to the C.A. boundary.

There was discussion about repairing the bus shelter, for which he has no budget, and also Gun Island which is owned by Surrey C.C.Highways and therefore permission will probably be required for landscaping and other improvements.

Gillian enquired if consideration could be given to a C.A. in Tadworth incorporating houses in Chapel Road and along the Dorking Road which John thought could best be done as a Residential Area of Special Character (RASC) even though different from the other RASCs.

4. Minutes & Matter Arising
Proposed: Robin Parr-Davies Seconded: Geoff Hewitt. There were no matters arising.

5. Feedback from WHGC Inquiry
The public Inquiry took place at Dorking Halls for 4 days starting 20th May before Inspector Barney Grimshaw. A number of TWRA Committee members attended either in part or for the whole period. The Golf Club was represented by a top Q.C., Mr. Neil King. Club Chairman, David Newlands, Dr. Anne-Marie Brennan, their retained ecologist and Mr. Andrew King, Director of Quod, their planning consultant were the main witnesses for the Club. Other evidence in favour of the proposal came from Mr. David Probyn, Senior Tournament Director with the European Tour, Mr. Jonathan Allbutt, Technical Director of the Britrisk Safety. Additional evidence was given by golf club members, the Artisans and a lady dog walker (resident of Heath Drive).

Representing the TWRA was Dr. Ashley Bowes, Barrister. Gillian Hein and Ann Sankey an ecologist were our main witnesses. Ken Chivers, Robin Parr-Davies and Andrew Swift also gave evidence. John Chiles and Deidre Walkling, Peter Dodd and Peter Gaghan, a golfer and others made individual objections to the proposal. Additionally Tim Murphy, the Chair of the Surrey Branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England, Mr. Craddock, Horse Riders Association and Martin Saul, spoke on behalf of the ‘less mobile’ in the community. John Allinson, TWOAT, spoke on behalf of walkers and Peter Acton gave evidence. Professor Garth Swanson proposed an alternative location for the practice range.

Following three days of evidence a site visit was carried out where the Inspector and interested parties visited Beecham’s Field and the proposed replacement land. It was the Inspector’s second visit to the sites.

Summing Up:
Both sides summed up their position. Dr. Bowes for TWRA focussed on the legal issues the Inspector will need to address.
1. The impact on the neighbourhood and defining what is the neighbourhood and the distance and suitability of the replacement land.
2. The impact on nature Conservation and the absence of the Walton Heath Golf Club’s management plan for the replacement land.
3. The adverse effect on European protected species (i.e. bats and dormice).
4. Previous case law (decisions by other inspectors are not binding but do give indications to the current inspector).
5. In particular reference was made to other factors under the legislation that might allow for de-registration, for example major infra-structure projects such as a motorway. The point was made that “the need of a private members club for a practice facility is simply not analogous to a ‘major infrastructure project”.

The Walton Heath Golf Club’s Q.C. summed up for the proposers. His main points were:
1. To suggest that the replacement land does not need to be the same or similar to the release land.
2. To widen the definition of ‘neighbourhood’ to ‘the neighbourhood of the common’ in general i.e. not just Walton and Tadworth.
3. Underline the offer of the unilateral agreement re: a management plan for the replacement land.
4. Address the accusations that the Golf Club did not manage its land well, particularly previous replacement land.
5. Address issues raised by Mr. Craddock re: access for horses to the replacement land.
6. Emphasize the needs of the golf club for a ‘proper practice facility’.
7. To suggest that the objectors had under - valued the quality of the replacement land.

The Inspector indicated that he would take up to six weeks to reach his decision.

6. May Pageant Stand
The Committee’s decision to take a stand at the May Pageant was felt to be worthwhile and should be considered for next year’s fair, inclusion of a competition/game might attract people to the stall. It was estimated 30-40 people visited the stall.

7. Police Update - Paul Waller
Paul reported there had been nothing of significance to report.

8. Treasurer's Report - Robin Parr-Davies
Robin reported that 130 standing orders had already been set up. Information has been passed to Mike Fox who has kindly offered to update the database.

Professional fees of £3,000 have been paid to the barrister, Dr. Bowes, together with cheques for £150 to Ann Sankey and £250 to the Surrey Botanical Society relating to the Walton Heath Golf Club Inquiry.

Forms relating to investments have now been transferred from Roger Dring to Robin Parr-Davies and in order to obtain a better rate of interest on investments it was decided to seek advice from Mrs. Ann Webster, an accountant with expertise in this area. Robin advised that expenses would be higher this year because of the cost of printing the Spring newsletter. Bryan requested that a half yearly report on the accounts should be given to the Committee. He explained that the Committee needs to decide on how the Pfizer money is spent. Geoff is awaiting a communication from the Sea Scouts who have requested financial help to repair their facilities.

9. Correspondence

10. A.O.B.
Trish Canham has asked if the LCAP for Tadworth could be re-visited. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

The Council will not in future collect garden waste sacks. Residents will need to use the Council’s brown bins, the cost this year is at a discounted price of £20 which will increase to £45 next year.

Bryan reported on his last Trust Board Meeting advising that Epsom A. and E. intends to fast track elderly patients in future. He also advised that there would be improved liaison between Epsom Hospital and the Royal Marsden when transferring patients.

Geoff and Paul to inspect the village notice board.

Next meeting is 15 July 2014.