Minutes of committee meeting held on 18th March 2014
Tadworth and Walton Residents' Association
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1. Attendance:
President - Simon Carpenter
Vice-Chairman - Gillian Hein
Secretary - Gillian Bockmeulen

In Attendance:
Borough Councillor - Rachel Turner, Michael Vivona

Committee - Ken Chivers, Geoff Hewitt, Paul Waller, Ann Liddle, Bryan Yates

Apologies - Clive Elcome, Cllr. Vic Broad, Trish Canham

2. Councillor's Presentation:
Rachel Turner
Councillor Turner reported on the parking problems in Crossroads and Walton Street where cars are being left all day. She announced that parking attendants were aware of the problem and taking action. Gillian Hein asked when the Traffic Orders were being implemented but these had been delayed because Surrey C.C. had been dealing with the recent flooding issues. There were continuing concerns about parking near Tadworth School and additionally, problems encountered by people visiting Heathcote Surgery. Police are to monitor the situation here.

Paul Waller asked if traffic wardens had discretion when issuing tickets as he was aware that some commercial vehicles were not being ticketed despite parking on double yellow lines. Rachel to investigate.

She reported that it was now unlikely that Berkeley Homes would submit an additional planning application for the land at the former Police Training facility.
She announced the Crown House planning application (14/00036/F) had been passed despite concerns about refuse vehicles. The number of parking spaces had been reduced to accommodate bins.

Kings Land, the real estate agency is still advertising plots for sale on the green belt. The Council is aware and taking action.

She announced that a national forest is to be created at Langley Vale/Epsom Downs to commemorate the First World War. 640 acres have been purchased and 200,000 trees will be planted. Sainbury’s are financing much of the project. A meeting will be held on Sunday, 23 March at Langley Vale Village Hall to outline the plan.

Matthew Hopkins, the Chief Executive of Epsom and St. Helier Hospital is leaving as he has been seconded to Barking , Havering and Redbridge NHS Trust for six months. She confirmed that Epsom Hospital was now in a stronger financial state and would be in the black in the coming year. Working relationships between the management, doctors and the CCG’s were very good. East Surrey Hospital will be seeking foundation status this year and a new cancer centre has been built.
Geoff Harris, the Deputy Commissioner for Police wishes to give two benches for installation outside Nethercotts to replace the two stolen last year.
She reported that teams had been organised in preparation for restoring war memorials in the Borough.

Councillor Vivona
Councillor Vivona reported on the Core Strategy plan that the Green Belt could be used for housing if other criteria could not be met. The Minister, Nick Boles had released a written statement outlining simplified planning regulations following consultation last year. The Chair of Planning and Crispin Blunt, M.P. had met the Minister to express the need to protect the Green Belt. The Council has taken legal advice on whether the Core Strategy plan is sound and been advised the scope is limited. Green Belt would only be used when brown field sites for example had been used for development.

Ann Liddle enquired whether the Council would be having a stall at the Walton Pageant in May, Rachel confirmed it would. It was also agreed that the TWRA would also provide a table.

3. Walton Planning - Ken Chivers
54/56 Meadow Walk
Fell line of Redwood and replace with Oak and Hornbeam
The applicant stated the trees could not be reduced in height but two independent advisors had disagreed. We have already sent in a letter of objection.

Update: 14/00208/F
The Enforcement Officer has visited and is investigating the outstanding issues, prior to the application being considered.

Tadworth (Gillian Hein)
Parcel of land to rare of Crewe Court, Lywood Close
This is the fourth application, two have been refused and an appeal dismissed. Local residents have objected on the grounds of height and access problems.

38 Tadorne Road
There is an appeal against proposed enforcement by the Council. We have sent a letter supporting the Council.

White Lodge, Tadworth Street
Permission granted

Coral Bazaar site
Permission refused to allow parking to continue on site

De Burgh PLaying Filed development
Application will go to Committee, probably in April

4. Minutes and Matters Arising
A query was raised over the 7p rise in Council Tax. Rachel explained this was in Band D and the additional rise was the Surrey and Police element of the tax.
Ann enquired when the proposed meeting to discuss standing orders would be arranged. She requested that Robin forward a copy of the S.O. form to her. Clive to arrange this meeting.
Proposed: Geoff Hewitt Seconded: Ken Chivers

5. Spring Newsletter
It was agreed that no early event dates be included as the information could be out of date by the time the Newsletter is delivered. Newsletters to be distributed before the AGM.

6. Pfizer Community Awards
Gllian had a meeting with Margaret Mortlock (Pfizer). The scheme operates a new system. £2500 has been given to Walton Forum which will update its local action plan. £2500 has been given to Tadworth for local projects. Gillian Hein suggested money could be used to replace trees in grass verges but this would need Surrey County Council agreement and they would need to plant to meet Health and Safety requirements. A charity, Community Trees, also will provide grants to plants trees. Rachel suggested that local groups such as the cricket club scouts, etc. submit applications to the TWRA for consideration. Paul also suggested monies be made available to provide cycle racks near the station.

£5,000 of Pfizer money is available for mentoring but this can only be done through registered charities. Only two are registered in Tadworth, The Children’s Trust and CRY which helps families bereaved when a child dies from a heart attack or stroke. It was decided that this small charity should receive the support.

Paul was invited to attend the Pfizer meeting to be held on Wednesday, 26th March.

7. Police - Paul Waller
Paul had attended the recent Police Panel meeting and reported that there has been an increase in the number of burglaries and attempted burglaries most of which had taken place within a short space of time. They had mostly been preventable crimes where cars and properties had been unlocked. Two new PCSOs have been appointed.

He reported that Mike Fox is received increased correspondence due to the Police Alerts that people are receiving through the new Neighbourhood Watch database and this was likely to increase as more people sign up.

The issue of speeding traffic along the Dorking Road had been discussed.

8. A.O.B.
The Walton Forum will take place on the 6th May.

Date of next meeting: 15th April 2014