Minutes of committee meeting held on 18th November 2014
Tadworth and Walton Residents' Association
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1. Attendance:
Chairman - Clive Elcome
Vice-Chairman - Gillian Hein
Secretary - Gillian Bockmeulen

In Attendance:
Committee - Paul Waller, Ken Chivers

Councillors - Rachel Turner, Vic Broad, Mike Gosling, Janet Hill (R&B Council)

Apologies - Trish Canham, Grant Webster, Robin Parr Davies, Geoff Hewitt, Ann Liddle, Hazel Loades

2. Councillors' Reports
Cllr. Turner:

Councillor Turner reported that following complaints about tipping and rubbish in the car park at the Blue Ball, the Council had cleared the area on 17th November. She advised that a lease has now been signed on the Blue Ball which will open as a pub/restaurant in March, 2015.

The Walton Pharmacy has re-opened in the premises adjacent to the old one. It has two consulting rooms on site and a doctor (private) will be available at certain times.

The proposed planning application for retirement apartments in The Avenue by McCarthy and Stone will be discussed at the Northern Panel next Monday, 24th November. It shows 27 parking spaces including ones for visitors and the warden which the Residents Association consider inadequate. It is understood that future residents would require parking permits to park on site.

A complaint had been received concerning the state of Kingswood Road and Cllr. Gosling will investigate.

Age Concern is proposing organising community events such as coffee mornings and film shows. Community events may take place in the Sports Centre when it re-opens.

St. Mark’s Church at Tattenham Corner has received lottery funding to provide a screen and is showing films, recently screening War Horse. Attendees are not charged but donations are requested.

Cllr. Turner reported that the Tattenham Corner library continues to thrive and had the highest foot fall number in October. There is a knitting circle, flower arranging and coffee mornings and has become a focus for community activity. It has attracted ten new volunteers since June and it is hoping to provide outreach services in the future.

Cllr. Mike Gosling (Surrey County Council):
Cllr. Gosling reported that there is financial pressure on Surrey County Council because of the increased cost of Adult Social Care. This is affecting other areas in the administration.

He reported that the roads need to be repaired but there were delays because of gas works. The weather at this time of year can also contribute to the delays. Cllr. Broad said that the pothole issue needed to be addressed.

In answer to Gillian Hein’s question about planting trees on the verges, he said that consultation with the Highways department would be needed. Trees on the Preston estate are required to soften the landscape and this area is being visited to determine the locations for planting. He emphasised the need to arrange for residents to water the trees when they are planted.

He reported that residents had raised concerns about some of the yellow lines in Walton and he will re-visit and consult with residents to decide if some need to be shortened. He had had a meeting with the Walton Forum at which parking had been discussed. He said that most of the parking problems in Tadworth were caused by outsiders. There had been a suggestion that a 20 m.p.h. zone be created in Tadworth but the police are not in favour as they would not have the resources to enforce this.

Cllr. Broad asked why there was no co-ordination when licences were issued for roads to be closed for gas/water/utilities work and why it was proving difficult to obtain up to date information about the length of time for road closures due to these works.
Cllr. Gosling explained that Surrey County Council could not control the time limit on road closures as it was the responsibility of the management team of the various utility companies and additionally technical problems arose which meant the closure period at times needed to be extended.

Ken Chivers asked why it had been necessary to close Merstham Hill for road works at the same time as Pebble Hill as this had created even more congestion in that area. Janet Hill said that news about the Pebble Hill closure was updated on the web-site.

Ken asked that the bushes in Meade Court Car Park be cut back to allow extra parking space.

Cllr. Vic Broad:
Vic reported that he had attended a Development Management Plan meeting. He said there is a requirement to provide more housing with a need for consultation on the type of housing required in the Borough.

He reported on the work of the J.E.T. initiative. The £100,000 received from the Police Commissioner had provided cars but there was a need for higher visibility in the community, however, the team is having success in targeting the issues that concern residents.

He reported that the Council may in the future get no government grant and will require a better return from investments for council monies. It will be necessary to generate more income. He reported that there is £1 billion of work going on in the Borough.

3. Walton Planning: Ken Chivers:
Land Parcel SY499306 Hurst Road
Erect 2 x 4 bed semi-detached houses to Service mini farm
There was discussion about the proposed application which is on the Green Belt. It was explained that if no animals are on the proposed development the justification for 24 hour care is not necessary. The Committee concluded that this would be effectively a business.

4. Tadworth Planning: Gillian Hein
McCarthy and Stone Apartments, The Avenue
The Committee had previously considered the proposal and objected on the grounds of over-development, out of character and lack of parking. It was decided that consultation should take place and Committee members and residents will be e-mailed for their views.

47, Shelvers Way Double Storey rear extension
It was considered that the proposed 2 storey extension is too big.

22, Downs Way
Proposed garage conversion into habitable room, proposed boundary wall, proposed ground floor front and rear extension, proposed portico with pillars, proposed first floor terraced/balcony with cast balustrade, windows/doors alterations.
The Committee expressed concern about the design and the building line

5. Minutes & Matters Arising:
October Minutes amended to include Cllr. Broad’s apology for absence. Proposed: Paul Waller Seconded: Gillian Hein

6. Police Update:
There had been reports of a gang committing a number of break-ins in properties across the Borough. Cllr. Broad reported that the Police Commissioner had suggested holding a referendum to decide if a precept could be raised to provide additional funding for policing. No decision has been reached at this stage.

7. Special interest groups within TWRA: Gillian Hein
Gillian, Rachel and Paul had attended a one day mentoring meeting, together with other groups and charities at Pfizers where discussions took place on how the company could advise and help these organisations. The TWRA faces various issues which include an ageing membership and the need to involve younger members of the community, the loss of road stewards who deliver the newsletters and collect subscriptions. There are difficulties with the database and a need to improve communications with our members and contact them if the need arises.

As a result it has been decided to form sub-groups to discuss and identify problems and co-opt individuals with specialist expertise. Initial suggestions are set out below but volunteers, including co-opted members, are welcome to join which ever group is of interest.

Sub-group 1:
Information Technology and Database: Mike Fox, Robin Parr-Davies and Grant Webster
Sub-group 2:
Newsletters: Tony Andrews, Gillian Hein and Jill Bockmeulen
Sub-group 3:
Marketing/Communications: Clive Elcome, Paul Waller, Hazel Loades, Kate Shackleton (Pfizers)

In a general discussion that followed it was proposed that the Residents Association could arrange public meetings inviting outside speakers on specific topics. Cllr. Turner suggested that a talk on cyber crime might be a suitable topic. Discussion of housing needs in Tadworth, with representatives from the Town Hall attending could also be considered.

Cllr. Turner suggested that a short monthly report of the Association’s activities could be included in the Parish Magazines. Additionally, a pack containing useful information to be given to new residents by the estate agents, was suggested by Ken Chivers

8. Correspondence:
Surrey County Council is conducting a survey on local transport and is inviting residents views. This can be found at: www.surreycc.gov.uk/transportreview. Comments need to be received before 14th January, 2015.

The Committee had received a letter requesting a 20 m.p.h zone in Tadworth Letters have been received from Golf Club members concerning the Judicial Review

The Federation is proposing to write to the Council concerning the Deed of Variation in relation to Beecham’s Field.

9. A.O.B.
Deirdre Walklin and Chris Chapman are proposing a local plan for Tadworth and have arranged a meeting to take place on Thursday, 27th November.

The need for more Committee Members was discussed.

The Next Meeting will take place on 16th December, 2014 at 15, Copley Way, Tadworth, starting at 6.30p.m.