Minutes of committee meeting held on 19th August 2014
Tadworth and Walton Residents' Association
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1. Attendance:
Chairman - Clive Elcome
Vice-Chairman - Gillian Hein
Secretary - Gillian Bockmeulen
Treasurer - Robin Parr-Davies

In Attendance:
Committee - Geoff Hewitt, Paul Waller, Ann Liddle & Ken Chivers

Councillors - Rachel Turner & Vic Broad

Observers - Aisling Petrozzi, Grant Webster, Richard Harris

Apologies - Trish Canham & Simon Carpenter

Clive invited Grant Webster to join the TWRA Committee. Mr Webster has attended meetings as an observer and he was unanimously voted on to the Committee. His wife, Ann will attend meetings if Grant is unavailable.

2. Presentation by Jonathon Lieberman re: planned development of Frith Park
The meeting was attended by Ian Randall, Brett Hamblin and Jonathon Lieberman who, on behalf of the developers gave a presentation outlining their proposals for the development of the Frith Park site in Walton on the Hill. The planning application, 14/01495/LBC can be viewed on the Reigate and Banstead web-site. This application outlines the construction of 37 dwellings and proposes the restoration of the facade of the listed former mansion and re- construction to form 11 two and three bedroom flats. In addition this proposal includes the demolition of existing industrial buildings and four cottages and the erection of 26 two, three and four bedroom houses. He confirmed that none would be defined as affordable housing and would be marketed within in a £300,000 to £600,000 price range. Commercial activity would still be retained on the site for a workshop, general industrial or storage. The plan includes extensive landscaping. There would be 77 parking spaces and 16 places for commercial vehicles. This site is in the Green Belt.

Ken Chivers reported that the residents of Sturts Lane were extremely concerned about the increase in traffic levels and traffic movement that the development would bring, especially in view of the narrowness of the only access road. Calming measures were discussed but he reported that Surrey County Council would not install such measures as there was no lighting along the lane. He reported that proper measurement of the width of the lane should be undertaken. It was suggested that passing places could be introduced but he reported that the embankments were owned by the property owners and the council would need to purchase the land if this option was adopted. He suggested that an alternative route could be built through a field to link up with the roundabout by Pfizers. However, this would cross Green Belt land and would run for approximately 400 metres and would have to meet planning criteria. The final decision on suitability of the access would be made by Surrey County Council.

The Committee approved the plan in principle, but in view of the concerns raised about traffic made the following suggestions: Access across the field to Pfizers should be reconsidered, Sturts Lane to be a 20 mph zone, traffic calming measures on both sides of the M25 bridge and a pre-arranged traffic management scheme be included. The inclusion of passing places along Sturts Lane should also be considered. Gillian Hein stated that affordable housing should be included in the scheme as above the minimum of 15 dwellings.

3. Councillors' Reports
Cllr. Turner:

Cllr. Turner reported that following the departure of the landlord at the Fox and Hounds Public House, the area manager is seeking a replacement. There are still concerns about smell and illegal construction and the area manager is going to address these issues and may seek retrospective planning permission.

Cllr. Turner reported that Epsom Hospital was one of 19 hospitals reported to Jeremy Hunt for financial failings however, she said that although the hospital was £7.4 million in the red this year it would be in the black next year. The hospital was rated in the top 5 or 6 hospitals in the country for its A and E Department and received highest ratings in other areas too.

She reported that some of her Councillor’s allowance money would be spent replacing the sign near Chinthurst School.
The garage that had been erected without planning permission in Tadorne Road has now been removed following the applicant losing his appeal.

She had received numerous complaints about the Pebble Hill closure due to waterworks. It is anticipated that work will now take three months, not four as originally stated.

Complaints have also been received about the gas work taking place in Tadworth as contractors are leaving equipment on verges etc. presenting a potential hazard, especially to children. She has contacted Surrey about this matter.

The planning application at Nos. 4 and 5 Lywood Close (14/01237/HHOLD) has been withdrawn by the applicant.

Cllr. Turner reported that she was still having discussions with Cllr. Gosling and Martin Stringfellow concerning parking and traffic issues in Walton.

She reported there had been a serious robbery at One-Stop in Tadworth on Sunday, 17th August. Referring to the assault on a man in Breech Lane, she reported that a £2,000 reward was being offered for information and that the man was still in a serious condition in hospital.

Sainsbury’s planning application for a mini-supermarket will be considered at the Planning Committee meeting in October.

Cllr. Vic Broad:
Cllr. Broad reported there had been complaints about flooding in Deans Lane. Inspection showed that the gulleys were blocked with earth. Work is being carried out and he has written to Cllr. Gosling (Surrey) to ask that this be dealt with now, rather than as part of a schedule of works. He reported that the road along Epsom Lane South needs repair and is in consultation with Cllr. Gosling.

The Joint Enforcement Team had been successful in removing travellers who had settled on a site in Lower Kingswood.

Work on the Development Management Plan has started and he has set up a committee of councillors representing all parts of the borough to be involved in this process.

He reported that consultation is taking place to consider a second runway at Gatwick Airport which is attracting both supporters and opponents.

Ken Chivers complained that council workman who had been carrying out tree work in Sturts Lane the previous weekend had failed to clear debris. Cllr. Broad agreed to follow this up.

4. Walton Heath Golf Club Update – Gillian Hein, Clive Elcome and Robin Parr-Davies
Gillian circulated a document to the Committee entitled “Comments to committee for seeking a Judicial Review “, relating to the Inspector’s decision letter following the Public Inquiry into the de-registration of Beecham’s Field and following a meeting with the barrister, Dr. Ashley Bowes who represented the TWRA at that Inquiry. In his opinion the barrister thinks the decision was unlawful on three counts and the following reasons could form the basis of an application for Judicial Review.

In summary this would be based on 1) the unilateral undertaking which was submitted by the Golf Club, 2) the lack of acknowledgement of the case made by the TWRA ecology witness, and 3) the conclusions by the Inspector of who would benefit from the
deregistration in terms of neighbourhood. Mr. Harris stated that the first point was the most important of the three.

The document outlined the various stages involved in pursuing a Judicial Review. As a first stage, a “pre-protocol” letter is sent to the Treasury Solicitor and Walton Health Golf Club setting out the reasons and also asking them to agree to the claim for costs under the Aarhus Convention (£5,000 cap). Should the TWRA be successful in obtaining leave to go to the High Court, residents would be consulted at that stage.

The Committee voted unanimously to proceed.

Discussions followed concerning the financial implications of seeking a Judicial Review and Robin Parr-Davies reported as follows:
Initial Public Enquiry: £3,400. Judicial Review: Barrister: £1,500 to date+ a further £2,000 to the end of the process, Solicitor: £2,000. He stated that if the TWRA were successful and the decision is quashed and the WHGC decide to go for a second Public Inquiry then our costs would be of the same order as the initial Inquiry i.e. £3,400. Should we be unsuccessful at the Judicial Review we would be liable to pay £5,000 towards the other side’s costs, but equally, should the TWRA be successful we could recover costs from the other side.

5. ainsbury Planning Application Update:

There was discussion about the Public Meeting which had been organised by Mr. Chris Chapman on behalf of the traders in Tadworth. Clive confirmed there had been 170+ objections and 31 supporters in response to the Association’s e-mail survey. A petition with 800 signatures plus a large number of individual objections had been submitted to the Council. The planning application will be considered at the Council’s Planning Committee October meeting. Sainsburys have leafleted residents about their proposal.

6. Walton Planning: - Ken Chivers:
5 Little Chesters, Nursery Rd, Walton on the Hill
First floor extension and alteration works.
This property lies within the conservation area. Following the meeting it was ascertained that as John McNally, the Conservation Officer has no objections we will not object.

2 Sandlands Rd, Walton on the Hill
Extension and rood works
No objection

7. Tadworth Planning: Gillian Hein

8. Minutes and Matters Arising:
June Minutes were proposed by Geoff Hewitt and seconded by Ken Chivers.

July Minutes: Item 2. The presentation was given by Mr. Mark Rush and not Mr. Mallison as stated.

Minutes proposed by Gillian Hein and seconded by Geoff Hewitt.

9. Autumn Newsletter: Gillian Hein
Gillian reported that John Brown of the Woodland Trust had written an article and that she had received Robin Parr-Davies’ financial statement. There will be items on the Jubilee Woodland and the Walton Heath Golf Club.

There will be an item about Pfizers who will be providing mentoring on marketing, financial advice and database and membership. Trish Canham needs the contributions within the next week in order to get the Newsletter available for distribution in September.

Clive reported that road stewards will need to give standing order forms, collect e-mail addresses as well as collecting subscriptions when the newsletter is delivered. Robin emphasised the need to include an extra “0” to the recipient’s account number before submitting the form to the bank.

Mike Fox will need to provide an updated sheet for the road stewards.

10. Treasurer’s Report: - Robin Parr-Davies
Robin reported that £799 had been received from subscriptions this year with £124 in cash and £675 by standing order. The bulk of subscriptions will be collected in the Autumn. It was important that the envelopes show the updated figure of £5 and road stewards need to make the change on it.

He reported that there had been no expenditure. £2,436 of the Pfizer monies has yet to be spent from this year’s allocation and there is £2,500 from Pfizer for this year for Tadworth and an additional £2,500 for Walton which the Association is holding on behalf of Walton.

It had been suggested that some money could be donated to the Sea Scouts for improvement to their facilities and Geoff Hewitt is waiting for a response from them. Gillian Hein has suggested funds be spent on replacing trees in the village.

11. Correspondence:

12. A.O.B.
Ken Chivers announced the annual Racing Trainers Open Day on the 24th August.

Date of the next Meeting: 16th September, 2014 (Gillian gave her apologies).