Minutes of committee meeting held on 20th May 2014
Tadworth and Walton Residents' Association
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1. Attendance:
Vice-Chairman - Gillian Hein
Secretary - Gillian Bockmeulen
Treasurer - Robin Parr-Davies

In Attendance:
Committee - Ken Chivers, Geoff Hewitt, Ann Liddle

Councillor - Cllr. Rachel Turner

Observers - Ann & Grant Webster

Apologies - Trish Canham, Paul Waller, Clive Elcome & Simon Carpenter

Gillian Hein introduced Mr. And Mrs. Webster who attended the meeting as observers.

2. Councillor Report - Rachel Turner
Rachel reported the Blue Ball Public House in Walton has been taken over by Mr. Peter Linacre who plans to re-open at Christmas. John Chiles to be emailed this information for inclusion in his newspaper column.

She reported on the latest 3,200 page document which has been sent to the Airports Commission by Gatwick Airport Ltd. outlining plans for the expansion of the airport. The figures have been increased citing 97 million passengers per year up from a maximum of 87 million making Gatwick bigger than Heathrow. The plans, if adopted, would mean nearly three times as many people travelling to or from the airport by car or train. The number of new jobs attributable to a new runway has been increased to 122,000, more than the 17,500 previously forecast. It would mean large scale inwards migration with consequential pressure on housing, infra-structure and loss of green fields. Residents of Horley and Salfords are against the proposal for a new runway.

Rachel reported that Surrey County Council intends to prohibit traffic on Deans Lane to undertake major road works. The Order commences on 2nd June with work to be carried out as soon as possible within a 12 month period.

Rachel had attended a meeting in Walton with Cllr. Gosling (S.C.C.) and other interested parties to discuss parking in Walton. There had been complaints that people were parking all day in the 28 allocated parking spaces. The issuing of parking permits was considered which would cost £50 per annum for one car, £75 for two with visitors paying £2 per day. 70% of residents would have to agree to this proposal. Cllr. Turner and others have planned a walk around Walton to identify parking areas. However, it was felt essential that any parking needs to be controlled by enforcement. She acknowledged that the yellow lines by Tadworth School need to be extended as there are still parking issues here and those in Tadorne Road.

Geoff Hewitt asked if diagonal parking should be considered at Tadworth Station to increase parking spaces. Cllr. Turner said that this had been discussed in the past.

Cllr. Turner asked Ann Liddle, an organiser of the May Pageant, if additional litter collection areas could be included in the plans for the next May Pageant as she had received complaints about litter being dropped away from Howards Close. She requested that Ann Liddle bring the matter to the attention of the May Pageant Committee.

Councillor Turner reported that the Council had done excellent work in preparation for this year’s Pageant.

The TWRA wished to offer thanks to the May Pageant Committee for all their hard work to make this year’s Pageant an extremely successful and enjoyable event.

It also wished to express thanks to Ann Liddle for her efforts in delivering the Spring Newsletter to the residents of Walton.

3. Walton Planning - Ken Chivers
Chequers Public House
An application had been made for new fascia signage and illuminated signage
No objection

Lavington,. Heath Drive
Demolish existing dwelling and build block of 7 flats
This is a second application for this site which reduces the number of flats from 11 to 7. It was decided that the application should be opposed on the same grounds as the first application, on the grounds of being out of character and over-development of the site.

Meadow House, Meadow Walk
Demolition of existing dwelling, erection of three 2-storey dwellings, formation of new vehicular access onto Deans Lane
This is a revised plan has been modified with the boundary increased between the adjacent house from 3 and half metres to 5 metres with a reduction in height from 11.4 to 10.9 metres, but essentially is the same as the first application. There have been number of objections from residents citing over- development, loss of light and privacy to the adjacent property and concerns about the inclusion of a new access road into Deans Lane. Cllr. Turner said the application had not come before the Northern Panel and was asked if it would go before the Planning Committee.

Tadworth Planning - Gillian Hein
Reporting on the Ketchams site, Gillian said that the previous developers had agreed to provide screening along the fence between the site and Jubilee Woodland. However, the new developer was now Shanley Homes and the plans did not include screening. Cllr. Turner to make enquiries.

4. Minutes and Matters Arising:
Proposed: Robin Parr-Davies Seconded: Ken Chivers
Robin Parr-Davies reported he had received a cheque for £6.50 from the Secretary relating to the Walton May Pageant. He told the Committee that subscription standing order forms were starting to be sent to banks.
Referring to a question raised at the AGM concerning the small interest being earned by TWRA investments, he reported that he had been informed that if investments attracted interest in excess of £100 per annum, corporation tax would be liable. However, he is investigating different investment funds, e.g. charitable bonds.

5. Correspondance
Gillian reported she had received a copy of the Minutes of Walton Forum recent meeting.

6. A.O.B.
Pfizer Grant:
There had been a suggestion for a tree on the corner with Ashurst Road and Cross Road. Renovating the bus stop has also been suggested.
There was discussion about giving funds to the Sea Scouts for improvements to their hut. It was decided that they should be asked to submit proposals to the committee. Rachel agreed to contact them.
Rachel reported that inspection of the condition of the bus stop in Walton was due to take place and was asked to include the bus stop in Cross Road as well.
Ann Sankey, an ecologist with the Surrey Botanical Society had provided help with the Public Inquiry into the proposed de-registration of Beecham’s Field and it was agreed to make a donation to that society of £250 and £150 to Mrs. Sankey.

The A.G.M. on 14th May, 2014 had been very well attended, perhaps because of three good speakers, and the Association may wish to use the same format next year.

May Pageant:
It was agreed it had been worth while having a stall and so will do the same next year, although the Association will need to think more carefully how to attract visitors’ attention.

Walton Heath Public Inquiry at the Dorking Halls:
The Inquiry has started and is due to continue for another three days. All are welcome.
It was announced that Walton Pond will receive two swans.