Minutes of committee meeting held on 21st January 2014
Tadworth and Walton Residents' Association
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1. Attendance:
Chairman - Clive Elcome
Vice Chairman - Gillian Hein
Secretary - Gillian Bockmeulen
Treasurer - Robin Parr-Davies

In Attendance:
Borough Councillors - Rachel Turner, Vic Broad, Micheal Vivona

Committee - Ken Chivers, Geoff Hewitt, Paul Waller, Bryan Yates, Trish Canham

Apologies - Simon Carpenter, Ann Liddle, Hazel Loades

2. Councillor's Presentation:
Rachel Turner:

Cllr Turner had provided a written update prior to this meeting (see Appendix). She confirmed a public enquiry concerning the Fox and Hounds public house will take place on Thursday, 23rd January, 2014 in the Town Hall at 2.00p.m.

Vic Broad:
Cllr. Broad confirmed that the law enforcement plan as outlined in the December Minutes is due to start in the Borough in April. He said the council tax would increase by 1.99% equating to 8p per week. The council would raise £220,000 income from this increase and explained that the council had saved £11million in the last 7 years. Staff of 450 had not had salary increases and he outlined where council taxes were spent including the 3 regeneration schemes. Ken Chivers complained about the poor service given by the planning department, difficulty in contacting officers and problems with the web-site, additionally the Duty Officer was now only available on 3 days. Vic explained that the offices were being re-organised and the systems changed but there was now a better relationship between planning offices and councils.

Micheal Vivona:
Michael reiterated that Planning was improving. He anticipated a good result from the Core Strategy review but said there may be issues in Horley where most building is likely to happen especially as the area had been badly affected by the recent flooding. The Preston regeneration project is about the start. He also confirmed that Gatwick Airport is on the government shortlist and submissions are to be made before the end of the year. The report will be published in July 2015, after the next General Election. He emphasised the need to protect the Green Belt as well as safe guarding jobs in the area. Horley residents do not want the expansion. Bryan Yates enquired when the local development plan would be published and Michael confirmed it would be within months.

3. Walton Planning - Ken Chivers
Crown House Mews, Chequers Lane
To demolish existing building to the front of Crown House and replace with 9 flats on 3 floors with 15 parking spaces, amenity space, secure cycle store and bin store to the rear of the building.
This is a revised planning application, the initial plan having been refused on the grounds of design, impact on the adjacent properties, parking, over development and lack of amenity space. Discussion concerned the access for refuse collection as the revised design would indicate a lower archway thus preventing refuse vehicles entering the site. Bins would need to be moved to the road which would result in additional problems. It was thought the design would not be an asset in the conservation area. The committee concluded that the design was wrong and suggested a side access. The design was also considered too cramped.

34, Meadow Walk
Single storey rear extension with part glassed pitched roof
No Objection.

Planning Update: Gillian Hein:
White Lodge: Gillian confirmed that the appeal on the first application had been refused but that a decision on the second application is pending.

14, Downs Way: Permission has been given by the planning department although the appeal on an earlier scheme for 2 dwellings has been dismissed. Rachel expressed concern as there are serious sewage issues in the area.

4. Minutes and Matters Arising:
Meadow House: Residents had objected to the plan and Gillian had written at length outlining serious issues with the application noting Plot 3 was only 5.3 metres from the adjacent property. The plan was refused.
Michael Vivona had sent apologies for the December meeting which were omitted from the Minutes.
Minutes proposed: Bryan Yates. Seconded: Ken Chivers

5. Police: Paul Waller
Paul had attended the Police Panel meeting held on 18th December. It had been attended by P.C. Steve Pearman, Ross McGregor (Response Officer for Surrey) and the Fire department. He said there had been a number of burglaries, and thefts from vehicles largely because they had been left unlocked. Cash had been taken from the Village Hall, computer and tack taken from Bonsor Road stables and lead taken from a building site as well as a couple of attempted burglaries. Concern had been expressed about speeding cars along Tadworth Street and parking near Tadworth School. He announced that Jason Woods had been appointed sergeant.
Vic complained that he, as Neighbourhood Watch Co-Ordinator, had not received any crime reports. Mike Fox is to be e-mailed to rectify this important lack of communication issue.

6. Treasurer's Report: Robin Parr-Davies
Robin said that last year the income was £4000 but that only £3300 had been received this year due to a shortfall in subscriptions. Additionally there had been an increase in expenditure by £1000 through increased printing costs. He emphasised the need to get the standing order procedure in place.
Clive confirmed that Ken Hare was unwell and could no longer help and therefore it was necessary to appoint a Membership Secretary.

7. Correspondence:
A letter received from the Golf Club Secretary informing the Committee that Walton Golf Club are to host the European Qualifying event for the US Open Golf Championship on 26th May. It is anticipated there will be 3000 spectators and some traffic disruption is to be expected. If there are weather concerns event will take place on Tuesday, 27th May.
Budgen’s Chief Executive has acknowledged our letter requesting that the new store should not sell newspapers, however, he confirmed that no such assurances were made when the planning application was submitted.

8. AOB:
Pfizer is reducing the amount of money given to the local community from £15,000 to £10,000 and will now spend some of this money on training courses for local groups, I.T. and business plans. In future decisions on the allocation of funds will be made by Walton Forum and the Residents Association. Walton wishes to revise their LCAP and the replacing of street trees could also be considered. Pfizer wish for suggestions to be made before the next Pfizer meeting on March 4th.
A fire engine is to be moved to the police station site in Banstead for a six month trial although local residents have questioned if this is the best location considering the congestion in the High Street. There will be a meeting on Friday, 24th to discuss the proposals.
It was agreed to convene a sub-group to discuss Newsletters and standing orders. AGM to be held on Wednesday, 14th May in the Riddell Hall, Walton on the Hill.

Date of next meeting: 25th February, 2014