Minutes of committee meeting held on 22nd October 2014
Tadworth and Walton Residents' Association
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1. Attendance:
Chairman - Clive Elcome
Vice-Chairman - Gillian Hein
Secretary - Gillian Bockmeulen
Treasurer - Robin Parr-Davies

In Attendance:
Committee - Geoff Hewitt, Paul Waller, Ken Chivers, Ann Liddle, Anne Webster

Councillors - Rachel Turner

Apologies - Trish Canham, Simon Carpenter, Eric Smith, Grant Webster, Cllr. Vic Broad

Clive led the tributes to John Chiles who died recently and whose Memorial Service was held on 10th October at the Church of the Good Shepherd. John had been a former councillor, mayor and a valued member of the Residents Association. He was a man totally committed to the community and its citizens, a man of great integrity, conscientious and hard-working. Clive said that John’s extensive knowledge of local matters, especially those relating to the common had contributed considerably to the work of the Committee. Gillian Hein, who had know John for many years concurred with Clive’s remarks and said that John would be greatly missed.

2. Councillors' Reports
Cllr. Turner:

Rachel submitted a written report to the Committee as summarised below:

There has been fly tipping at the Blue Ball site including abandoned cars, furniture and rubbish. The Council has got the JET team to investigate. The applicant at the Blue Ball has submitted another planning application to increase the size at the rear.

Sainsbury’s application to build on the former mini car showroom comes to the 29th October Council Planning meeting. There has been considerable opposition to the plan but as a member of the planning committee she reported that she must view the application from the planning point of view.

The closure of Barclays Bank has caused problems both to local businesses and residents, especially as the cash point machine has been removed. Local shops reported they are losing business due to the bank moving. No planning application has been received for this site.

Kings Land, the Dubai based estate agents have recently said they have sold all of the 155 plots on the 13.5 acres site they purchased a year or so ago. This is the field which backs onto Ebbisham Lane, White Beam way and Downsway Close. The Council had issued a Directive 4 on this land saying no structures, including buildings and fencing can be erected and this still stands.

She reported on the problems concerning the closure of Pebble Hill by the water board. Tadworth Street, from the traffic lights to the A217 will be closed for one week within the 3 months period of operations commencing on 27th October. This is due to a new foul sewer connection for the houses being constructed on the former Ketchams site.

The Epsom and St. Helier Trust are in the process of selling some of their Sutton/Belmont site, and she reported that a school will be built. The hospital trust will be spending about 55m on refurbishment of their sites. The Trust has also appointed a new Chief Executive who will be starting in the New Year. Rachel reported that the Trust has been to Portugal to recruit 60 nurses as they have had difficulty getting staff and are spending large sums on agency nurses.

Rachel, Martin Stringfellow and Cllr. Michael Gosling have carried out a series of walks around Walton following concerns about the general appearance of the village roads with the rubbish and dust which has caused blocked drains. Photographs were also taken of Tadworth and the A217 roundabout. Ken Chivers said that the drain in Chequers Lane needed to be cleared and Rachel confirmed that Reigate and Banstead were responsible for drain clearing and this should be undertaken four times a year.

The Scrutiny group are due to meet with the water board on 23rd October when the problem with Pebble Hill will be raised. She is also due to meet with the Deputy Chief Executive of Epsom Hospital on 29th October.

The Children’s Trust will be opening a shop in Tadworth before Christmas, they have taken over the shop next to the greengrocers.

3. Sainsbury's Planning Application
An e-mail had been received from Chris Chapman and Deidre Walking concerning their opposition to the above planning application. They are proposing to instruct a barrister, Dr. Ashley Bowes to speak at the Planning Committee meeting on the 29th October and had written to the Residents Association to ask if it would give the financial support required. The barrister would charge £500 to read the correspondence and £500 to represent the traders at the meeting. It was explained that only two speakers for and against the application are allowed to speak at the meeting and each speaker is only allowed three minutes to put their case. Allocation is made on a first come first served basis and the Residents Association as an organisation does not have an automatic right to speak. Only individuals who have made a submission can apply to speak.

Rachel was asked to get clarification on why Residents Associations are prevented from speaking at planning committee meetings. It is, however, hoped that Gillian Hein will speak outlining the arguments about the viability and vitality of the local centres and impact that Sainsbury’s trading would have on the village traders citing the NPPF policy framework and the Core Strategy plan. Surrey County Council have not raised concerns about traffic and parking in the vicinity. Sainsbury’s estimate a £3 million turnover affecting 15% of local traders turnover i.e. £450,000. It has a 15 year lease on the site. There would appear to be over whelming opposition from the residents to this application.

The Committee did not initially support Chris Chapman’s request to contribute to the cost of the barrister, however, following subsequent discussion it was agreed to contribute £500 towards the traders’ costs.

4. Tadworth Planning: Gillian Hein:
Update 14/00302/F
Land to rear of Crewe Court, Lyewood Close
Applicant appealed against refusal - APPEAL DISMISSED

48 Tadworth Street
Shanley’s, the developer constructing dwellings on the former Ketchams site have submitted an additional application for two houses at the front of the site. This application was considered at the Northern Panel whose members were concerned as the plans indicate there would only be a 1.8 metre gap between the two residences and it also recommended that these should be set back from the road.

The recommendation was for either two semi-detached houses or preferably one on this site. The residents association agreed that the present plan was unsatisfactory.

McCarthy and Stone who are proposing to submitted a plan for apartments on The Avenue have been in preliminary talks with Reigate and Banstead Borough Council Planners who have indicated that their proposed plan is unsatisfactory.

5. Walton Planning: Ken Chivers
Rydal Lodge, Nursery Road
Fell 13 Thuja and 1 Holly Crown, reduce Hazel
It was agreed that the Tree Officer should be contacted concerning this application - Gillian.

6. Minutes & Matters Arising
Ken Chivers enquired about the Frith Park planning application and was advised there had been no developments on this application.
Proposed: Paul Waller Seconded: Geoff Hewitt

7. Walton Heath Golf Club
Clive reported on the current situation concerning the Judicial Review explaining the options available and explained the basis of our request for the review. As an elected committee for most issues we represent residents views but on the occasional major issues we would also consult with residents which is a course of action we are now minded to take if the first part of the Judicial Review is successful, or we need to go to a Hearing and/or a second public enquiry is to be held. Robin Parr-Davies gave a summary of costs to date and a forecast of what costs we might incur should we win or lose at various stages through the process, including our liability to the other side should we lose (limited under the Aarhus Convention). Both the Treasury Solicitor and WHGC have made submissions. The Judicial Review process is now at a pause as the issue is not seen as ‘fast track’ by the court and so it may be some time before the initial judgement is made.

8. Autumn Newsletter
Clive reported that there had been a number of issues with producing, printing and also the distribution of the Autumn Newsletter. Tony Andrews had kindly helped with producing the Newsletter and had offered his help for future editions. Clive emphasized the need to discuss how the newsletter is compiled before next Spring’s edition and it has been agreed a sub-group be convened to address the various issues. There is also a problem with a lack of road stewards to deliver and collect subscriptions and e-mails.

Discussion followed of how to involve residents with the association and it was suggested that perhaps two open meetings be held each year when speakers could address members of specific topics, i.e. cyber crime. It was also suggested that advertisements could be placed in the Newsletters which would help to replenish our reserves.
A decision was reached to create four sub-groups to consider road stewards, marketing, newsletters and subscription/database. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

9. Police: Paul Waller

Paul reported that there had been a drop in the number of burglaries in recent weeks following an increase in the Summer. There had been some thefts from vehicles which had been left unlocked.

He reported on the Police Commissioner’s meeting held recently where a proposal had been made to add a precept to council tax in order to give additional funding for policing in Surrey. Surrey receives the least amount of funding from central government and additional money would be used to provide more police officers. However, a referendum would be required before such action could be taken.

10. Treasurer's Report: Robin Parr-Davies

Robin reported he had, to date, received £1,025 in subscriptions with about a third by standing order. The 2014 subscriptions are being collected this Autumn.

He is also considering alternative investment options for the Association’s reserves and had written to the President of the Society of Residents Associations for information and advice but had not yet received a reply. He is in the process of investigating alternative investment options available to residents associations.

11. Correspondence:

A letter had been received from Reigate and Banstead Borough Council concerning a litter- pick inviting local communities to organize a cleaning-up in their areas.

Surrey County Council has produced a transport report and residents are invited to comment by using Survey Monkey.

12. A.O.B.

Date of the next Meeting: 18 November, 2014