Minutes of committee meeting held on 25th February 2014
Tadworth and Walton Residents' Association
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1. Attendance:
President - Simon Carpenter
Chairman - Clive Elcome
Secretary - Gillian Bockmeulen
Treasurer - Robin Parr-Davies

In Attendance:
Borough Councillor - Vic Broad

Committee - Ken Chivers, Geoff Hewitt, Paul Waller, Ann Liddle

Apologies - Gillian Hein, Cllr. Rachel Turner

2. Councillor's Presentation:
Councillor Broad reported that the Core Strategy had been signed off. He confirmed that the Preston Re-generation contract had been signed. He informed the Committee that the Police Panel had only one week to approve the Police Budget which was unsatisfactory. The Council budget had been approved and there would be a council tax rise amounting to 7p per week, only 10% goes to Reigate and Banstead Council. He reported that the Council was improving efficiency and was financially sound. It had received back monies previouslyinvested in Icelantic banks.

He reported the Police/Enforcement collaboration initiative will start in April.

During the recent flooding the Council had been involved with consequent issues and had helped in Chertsey, supplying sand bags.

The Council is commemorating the 1914-18 First World War by restoring war memorials and the 206+ war graves.

3. Walton Planning - Ken Chivers
Lot 9 Walton Oaks, Dorking Road -
Build Storage Unit. To store green Keeping equipment and boxed records (amended)
The applicant had submitted evidence to the Planning Dept on the need for storage. There was discussion as to whether planning had been granted for the original building on site. Gillian Hein had written an objection to the previous application citing whether there was a need for storage, access problems and Green Belt and questioning whether a building suitable for machinery storage
would also be suitable for archive storage. Gillian to write letter of objection to current proposals.

Crown House, Chequers Lane -
Demolish building at front of site and build 9 flats with parking and refuse area. The plan had been re-submitted with minor alterations. The original reasons for objecting to the plan still stand.

Southerndown, Egmont Park Road -
Demolish existing house and build 2 x 22.5 storey houses. This is a re-application and no objection was raised previously. A precedent has already been set with the Holly House development.
No Objection

7, Breech Lane -
Demolish existing house and build 2 x 2.5 storey houses. This application has previously been rejected. A resident is objecting to the current plan citing loss of privacy. A Velux window would be preferable to the dormer window. Objection on the same grounds as the resident’s letter.

Southside, Sturts Lane -
Rear 2 storey extension and Conversion of house to 3 flats. Concerns have been raised on this application as there are a number of outstanding enforcement issues concerning area being used for storage and as a commercial business. Objection to be made listing enforcement issues. Cllr. Broad requested background information and will investigate.

4. Tadworth Planning - Bryan Yates
Bryan reported that there had been a number of planning application that had been approved with conditions.

14, Downs Way -
Demolition of existing house and erection of 2 detached dwellings with integral garages
He reported that planning permission has been granted.

White Lodge, Tadworth Street -
Approval has been given on appeal for 11 houses.

Newlands, 4 Lothian Wood -
To erect a white PVCu orangery to the side of the house.
No Objection

5. Walton Heath Golf Club
Residents have been invited to submitted their objections to the golf clubs proposals at the forthcoming enquiry. This can be done through a statutory declaration which needs to be notarized by a solicitor at a cost of £5 before submission to the Inspectorate. The Association will reimburse if necessary.

6. Minutes & Matter Arising
Robin Parr-Davies informed the Committee that Arthur Elson who has audited the accounts is retiring and Chris. Jenkins, a retired banker, has kindly offered his services. The Committee voted to accept his appointment.

Robin reported income from subscriptions had dropped from £4100 to £3300 but expenditure was about the same as last year. There are cash reserves of £26,000 and additionally some Lloyds Bank shares. He queried the life fund (£3000) and was informed that this related to life membership subscriptions which had been discontinued. A further query concerned Jubilee Wood monies from Pfizer which the residents association had been holding. It was explained that this happened whilst an account had been set up by the Council to handle Jubilee Wood funds. Roger Dring, former Treasurer to advise on this.

Proposed: Ken Chivers, Seconded: Sylvia Woodson

7. Police - Paul Waller
Paul informed the next Police Panel meeting will be held on 12th March at 7.30pm in the hall of the Church of the Good Shepherd.

He reported the last month had seen an increase in crime in the local area. Burglaries and attempted burglaries, mainly in the Kingswood area and also thefts from vehicles which had largely been unsecured.

8. Spring Newsletter
Trish Canham to advise when the letter is sent out. It was decided that all copy to be received by 1st April. Newsletter will be distributed with the Standing Order form before the AGM which is to be held on 13th May in the Riddell Hall at 7.30pm. Ken suggested that Committee Members should distribute these prior to collection of subscription for the coming year.

It was decided that Trish, Ann and Clive arrange a meeting to finalize arrangements for the Standing Order form and Robin emphasized the importance of including a reference of the form.

Ann Liddle suggested that events details should not be included in the Newsletter as it was often delivered after the event had taken place.

9. Correspondence

10. AOB
Clive reported that the Cherkely Court Appeal will be held on 10th/1lth March.

He reported that Gillian and attended the Redhill Airport Appeal at which the Inspector had dismissed the application for a hard runway.

He thanked Ann for arranging the meeting to be held at the Breech Lane Community Centre and Geoff suggested that all meeting should be held there in future. It was suggested that a donation be made to buy equipment for the hall.

Date of next meeting: 18th March 2014