Minutes of committee meeting held on 17 February 2015
Tadworth and Walton Residents' Association
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1. Attendance:
Chairman - Clive Elcome
Vice Chairman - Gillian Hein
Treasurer - Robin Parr-Davies
Secretary - Gillian Bockmeulen

In Attendance:
Committee - Paul Waller, Ken Chivers, Geoff Hewitt

Councillors - Rachel Turner, Vic Broad

Apologies - Ann Liddlle, Trish Canham, Simon Carpenter, Mike Fox, Cllr. Mike Gosling

2. Councillor Update: Cllr. Vic Broad
Councillor Broad informed the meeting that when he was elected it was his intention that Council Executive meeting and Committee meetings, including Planning Committee Meetings should be web-cast and confirmed this has now started. Information on dates is available on the Reigate and Banstead web-site, all meetings start at 7.30p.m.

He said the Council has continued to make savings this year but the Council tax will rise by 1.99% in April. He reported on the regeneration projects in Preston, Merstham and Redhill stating there would be £250 million of start ups in the Borough. There are discussions with a private company to create a hub of excellence within the Council with a view to selling services to other councils. Combining services with other councils is also under consideration perhaps on technology or parking services and this could save 1⁄4 million pounds a year. He emphasised the need to use capital to give a good return. By 2020 the Council may receive no funds from central government.

Regarding the DMP, a meeting had been held to discuss local employment and shops with further meetings to consider other aspects of the plan. There was a need to be flexible and not to allow people to exploit deficiencies in planning.

The Police Crime Commissioner had wanted to increase funding for the police with the addition of £1 per week precept but this has been rejected. Cllr. Broad said that the police service is in a serious
state and all forces are concerned about the lack of resources and that more funding was required from the government.

He reported on the issue of bed-blocking which has arisen at the East Surrey Hospital and has written to our local M.P.’s and central government. Cllr. Turner reported that part of the problem had arisen with the Sussex side where two computer systems were not compatible.

Geoff Hewitt requested better communication with the Council following a refuse issue he had encountered and Cllr. Broad will follow this up with the relevant department.

Cllr. Rachel Turner
Councillor Turner reported that the police had had to deal with three loose horses in Chequers Lane on the morning of 17th February.

The Fox and Hounds have now removed the BBQ from the front of the public house and have submitted a new planning application to erect it at the rear. She reported that Environmental Health Officers will visit the site as there are concerns that residents in Meade Court may be affected by smoke and fumes from the BBQ. Ken Chivers enquired whether there would be restrictions on the number of hours the BBQ is in use. Councillor Turner also hopes to get the banners removed from the front of the property.

She reported the sign at Meade Court has been removed and replaced with a blue sign. It is hoped to cut back hedges to provide more parking and Cllr. Broad is hoping to get 106 monies to provide funding for more parking spaces. Parking in Walton is, once again, becoming an issue and it is hoped that Cllr. Gosling will investigate ways of providing better parking as Shop keepers are reporting that they are losing customers who are unable to park in the village.

Cllr. Turner has received numerous complaints about the loss of the re-cycling facility at the Blue Ball site. Clive Elcome asked if Star Inns who own the site are proposing to renovate the building and open.

The shop keepers in Walton are proposing to have late night shopping on Thursday evenings and also open on Sundays. A request of £200 towards the cost of banners was received by the Committee and following a vote it was agreed to grant this request, Robin Parr-Davies will contact the Four You shop owner who is co-ordinator. Walton Forum has also received a request for funds. The Town Hall is offering a marketing course and it has been suggested the shopkeepers advertise in local magazines and put information on the web-site. A link from the TWRA web-site could be set up.

Cllr. Turner reported the recent incident in Kingswood Road when a young lady was mugged at knife point. No further information is available at the moment.

She has paid for a new road sign costing £300 outside Chinthust School to replace the old one.

She had received a complaint from a resident in Ashurst Road about a blocked drain. Surrey County Council workmen will visit on 23rd March to attend to this matter.

She reported that she had been dealing with numerous requests by e-mail for information from local school children involved in a school project.

At the recent Planning Committee the Frith Park development was approved with 7 members voting for, 5 against and 3 abstaining. Conditions have been imposed and contractors will have to access the site via the Dorking Road. It was suggested that a children’s playground be included. The developers have refused to include affordable housing in the plans but it was felt that 2 to 3 should be included.

The Cricket Club have requested help as the Banstead Common Conservators have voted to impose a £1,000 fee for use of the pitch, starting in April. A final decision will be considered at its next meeting in April. Rachel felt that we need to get more information and will attend the meeting and report back. Robin Parr-Davies wishes to see the accounts.

3. Walton Planning: Ken Chivers:
Rydale Lodge, Nursery Road
Alterations and additional roof dormers and dome lights.
This is a big plot and it was felt the project would not be problem for neighbours.
No Objection

Checkmate, Chequers Lane
Conservatory incorporating sun patio and swimming pool
No Objection

8 Meadow Walk
Ground and first floor extensions
The Committee felt the plans showed over-development of the site. Gillian will look at the application and respond.

4. Tadworth Planning: Gillian Hein:
Church of the Good Shepherd
Removal of exist Monopole, to be replaced by the installation of a 15 metre high oval user monopole accommodating 6 no. antennas. There will be also a no. 1 additional radio equipment cabinet and ancillary development thereto.
No Objection

Chinthurst School have withdrawn their planning application.

Gillian Hein will write to the Planning Officer about the lack of landscaping at the Ketcham site as trees have been removed. She had already written to the Tree Officer concerning the felling of one large tree at the entrance but received no response to date.

McCarthy and Stone’s application for retirement apartments in The Avenue, Tadworth has been turned down.

Walton Manor planning application nos. 14/02555/HHOLD and 14/02556/LBC has been withdrawn.

Buckles Way planning application for 5 detached houses on a back land development has been dismissed.

5. Minutes and Matters Arising:
Concerning the provision of a bench in Shelvers Way, Cllr. Gosling had agreed to provide funding in the next financial year, however, it was agreed that Pfizer money already received could be used. Costing and design will now be considered. A seat in memory of Dr. Doug Smith will be erected in the Jubilee Woodland, near the pond when the area has been cleared and prepared.

Proposed: Paul Waller Seconded: Ken Chivers

6. Feedback to SGM:
The Special General Meeting was well attended. It was felt the barrister, Dr. Ashley Bowes gave an excellent presentation of the facts relating to the Judicial Review which will take place at the High Court on 3nd and 4th March. Residents are encouraged to attend this Hearing and information will be available on the web-site. Minutes of this meeting will be available to read on the web-site.

7. DMP Update:
Gillian Hein had prepared a report which had been circulated to the Committee for comments. The Federation and CPRE will also submit comments to the Council. Rachel enquired whether parking issues would be included. The Council will publish its plan for public comment in the Autumn.

8. Police Update: Paul Waller
Paul reported on the Police Panel meeting on 21st January he had attended. There have been a number of burglaries and attempted burglaries in the area. Additionally, there was some criminal damage to a gate post and a van broken into on 9th January in Meadow Walk. There had been the theft of a 4 wheel drive vehicle in Downs Way Close.

Police had also reported attempted fraud and telephone scams.

9. Special Interest Groups:
Three sub-groups have been formed to consider Information and technology and the database. Mike, Robin and Grant will co-ordinate and Robin will chair this group. The Newsletter format and design will be considered by Tony Andrews who has kindly agreed to help, Gillian Hein and Jill Bockmeulen who will chair this sub-group. Marketing and Communications, chaired by Clive will consider ways of improving communication with members. It is hoped these groups can meet within the next month.

10. Newsletter:
It was decided that copy should be sent to Jill Bockmeulen by the middle of March and a meeting should be arranged with Tony Andrews to discuss the format. It is hoped that more photographs can be included in future.

There was discussion about speakers at the AGM on the 26th May with the suggestion that health matters be covered. Rachel will contact Clare Fuller from the Surrey Downs Commissioning Group to ask for a suggested speaker. A speaker from the Woodland Trust could be invited to give an update on the Centennial Wood Project progress. Another suggestion was someone from the CPRE could give a talk and finally someone from the Federation could be invited to talk about its work.

11. Presentation of this year’s Accounts: Robin Parr-Davies
Robin thanked Cllr. Broad for his donation of £250 to the Jubilee Woodland in connection with the Carols in the Woodland event.

He presented the Committee with a copy of the accounts which have been audited and signed by the Independent Examiner. The accounts show income of £5050 from subscriptions and £87 from donations and other income giving a total of £5137. Expenditure has increased this year as a result of the Public enquiry giving a total of £10,596. Assets total £21,045 with additional Pfizer money for 2015 to be received shortly.

Gillian Hein, Cllr. Gosling and Jill Bockmeulen had held a meeting to discuss the planting of trees in Tadworth. Cllr. Gosling is donating £894 and £2,500 will come from Pfizer money. Each tree to be planted by S.C.C. will cost £285 each and the scheme will start with tree planting in Shelvers Way, Tadorne Road and Kingswood Road. A meeting will be arranged with council offers to discuss sites. Residents will be asked to water the trees which hopefully will be planted in the Autumn. We are also hoping that residents may wish to sponsor a tree and a request will be included in the upcoming Newsletter.

Discussion followed on how the Pfizer money should be spent. One option was for a planter in Tadworth and Gillian will contact Janet Hill about the cost of providing a small one for the village. Ken Chivers asked if surplus funds could be distributed to local charities. Residents will be asked for their suggestions on how this money should be spent at the AGM.

12. May Pageant:
The Walton May Pageant will be held on 16th May and it was agreed that the TWRA will have a stall. Gillian Hein will submit the application form

13. A.O.B.:
Ken Chivers complained at the Addendum attached to the Frith Park planning application reporting that items that had not available for discussion. He reported that there was no need for the inclusion of an acoustic barrier as the prevailing wind is from the south east. He also complained the 3 minute time allotted for comment was insufficient to cover the serious issues being considered. Gillian Hein will write to the Chairman and Officers.

Date of the next Committee Meeting : Tuesday 24 March 2015