Minutes of committee meeting held on 19 May 2015
Tadworth and Walton Residents' Association
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1. Attendance:
Vice Chairman - Gillian Hein
Treasurer - Robin Parr-Davies
Secretary - Gillian Bockmeulen

In Attendance:
Committee - Ken Chivers, Paul Waller, Mike Fox, Geoff Hewitt, Simon Carpenter, Ann Liddle, Grant Webster

Councillors - Rachel Turner, Michael Gosling

Apologies - Simon Carpenter, Alanna Combes, James Clarke, Councillor Vic Broad.

In the absence of Clive Elcome, Gillian Hein chaired the meeting.
Ken Chivers is resigning from the Committee at the A.G.M. and Gillian, on behalf of the Committee, thanked Ken for all his hard work, commitment and support of the Committee for the past 15 years, especially in connection with Walton planning issues.

2. Councillors’ Update
Councillor Turner:

Rachel had received a complaint concerning construction work in the garden of 1, Meadow Walk and informed the meeting that the Enforcement team were investigating.

The funeral of Pam Chiles, widow of John Chiles, former mayor and committee member will take place on 26th May, at 12.00 noon at the Church of the Good Shepherd.

She had attended an event representing Reigate and Banstead Borough Council to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the Reigate’s twinning with Eschweiler in Germany . The trip was undertaken at her own expense.

She reported that Reigate and Banstead Borough Council had reached the finals for the best run council in the country.

The Blue Ball public house is now being renovated and it is hoped will re-open in the Summer.

Requests have been received for planters outside Walton News and the Hair Salon. She explained that the Council is cutting back on financing flowerbeds but is considering these requests.

Posts on Howards Close field have been installed. These can be locked or un-locked as necessary and have been placed in order to prevent parking on the grass verge.

Councillor Turner reported that there had been a closure order on a property in Homefield Gardens in connection with persistent anti-social behaviour.

There had been a report that Tadworth School had been in lock-down following the discovery of a man in the grounds but no-one was arrested.

Ken Chivers asked when the system for having face-to-face meeting with a planning officer had been stopped. Rachel explained that residents should phone to arrange an appointment with a planning officer.

Councillor Michael Gosling (S.C.C.):

Michael announced that he has resigned as a cabinet member on Surrey County Council. For the last 5 years he has had responsibility for health matters. He said a statement had been given to the Council regarding health issues, many of which are already in place, and that this would be published shortly. He explained that social care costs account for 65-70% of the budget and the priority was to obtain a better service for the individual.

He gave a brief summary of the county’s finances and explained that savings would run out by the end of this financial year. It is uncertain what funding will come from central government in the future. Because of the increase of the population in Surrey more schools will be needed and the costs are rising.

On local matters he said that Epsom Lane South is to be resurfaced and that notices had already been posted. The gas company has to do work on this road. Work on Station Approach will also be undertaken.

Pebble Hill will close on Friday, 22nd May for one week. Ann Liddle asked if work could be done to improve the entrance to the roundabout outside the Childrens’ Trust and Michael explained that BT have cabling under this area and £130,00 would be needed which it was unlikely they would be prepared to fund.

Ken Chivers complained that the lamp (No. 27) on the corner of Chequers Lane and Sturts Lane had been on for 6 weeks, Michael will follow this up.

Mike Fox told him had he had received a complaint from a resident who had enquired at the council about work on Epsom Lane South. The council employee had been rude and unhelpful and Michael will investigate.

Ken Chivers reported that Chequers Lane had been flooded again and said the drains need to be cleared. Geoff Hewitt also complained that Ebbisham Lane had flooded and Michael will follow this up.

3. Walton Planning - Ken Chivers
Crown House
The applicant has proposed a new parking layout which will add extra parking space.

Little Ambrook, Nursery Road.
Alterations to existing house and Erection of 3 detached dwellings. This property is in the RASC and lies within the conservation area. The Committee considers the proposal an over-development and out of character.

4. Tadworth Planning - Gillian Hein
There were no significant planning applications to consider.

McCarthy and Stone are submitting a revised planning application for the land at 45-51, The Avenue.

The Sainsbury Appeal for development at the Citygate site will now be heard at an informal meeting. Gillian suggested that the Council should undertake a local shopping survey as the data being used was out of date. She will contact Lucy Mould at the Council.

5. Chinthurst Presentation:
Representatives from Chinthurst School had asked to address the Committee to outline their proposals and give an update on the situation at the school. Mr. Tim Button, Acting Headmaster and Mrs. Karen Russell, a parent and Acting Chair of the Board of Governors attended and Mrs. Russell gave a brief presentation. She explained that the Board of Governors had resigned and she and others were in the process of appointing a new board which she anticipated would be in place soon. Mrs. Maxine Hulme, the Deputy Chief Constable of the Metropolitan Police is joining the Board, Mr. Mark Cruz-O’Dwyer who is a chartered accountant working at Legal and General has also been appointed. Other people have been approached and are yet to accept. She explained the need to get a balance between external governors and parent governors with 60% being external governors comprising people with legal, financial or specific expertise which would benefit the school and pupils.

Mrs. Russell emphasised the need to work with the residents in order to build up trust. She was assured that the Committee would support the school which is considered a vital part of the community.

The School’s planning application is proceeding but Mrs. Russell informed the Committee that no firm decision could be made until a new Board is in place. It was felt important to consider all options which might benefit the school. The school has 150 pupils and it is anticipated that 250 would be the optimum number for the school’s viability. She was asked if pupils would leave at 11+ which is a change happening at other schools but no decision has been made.

The Committee expressed its concerns with parking, increased traffic on the Avenue and access. Michael Gosling said there were parking issues at every school in the country.

The school is working with a financial group on a three year plan and expected to be in surplus next year.

Mrs. Russell and Mike Fox will consult prior to publication of an article for the Surrey Mirror

6. Police Update:
There will be a Police meeting in the Church of the Good Shepherd meeting room at 7.30 on Wednesday, 27th May, 2015.

There has been a report of late night harassment of a man at Tadworth Station. It is important that incidences are reported to PC Steve Pearman using the 101 Police number.

7. Tadworth Forum:
Representations concerning the proposed Neighbourhood Plan have been submitted to Reigate and Banstead Borough Council for consideration. The Executive will make a decision in June and Councillor Turner informed the Committee that she is not allowed to be involved with this decision. The Council can either accept, reject or submit suggestions for improvement to the plan. If the plan is accepted a referendum will take place.

8. Treasurer’s Report: – Robin Parr-Davies
Robin reported that the TWRA has just under £21,000 in two bank accounts of which £7,400 is Pfizer monies. £5,000 had been transferred to the Walton Forum which is part funding the cost of the new bus shelter. He reported expenditure of £9,700 so far this year of which £8,400 had been costs in relation to the Beecham’s Field case.

The Committee voted to donate £70 to TWOAT as Mike Fox has kindly provided sound and other equipment for use at the AGM and the Special General Meeting.

Robin reported on a meeting of the Database Sub-Group. Various options are being considered as a new database system will be needed after October. The present Clubhouse System after October would cost £838 per annum or MailChimp, a cheaper option could be considered but involves additional cost if extra facilities are added. It is important that the database can have linkage with
the website. This needs to be inter-active so that residents can amend their information on the database. No decision has been made but Tony Andrews will be asked to comment and give advice. Grant Webster reported that the Knightsbridge Residents Association have their own simplified system which has hyper-links to planning which might prove useful. The Database Sub-group will liaise with the Marketing sub-group.

Mike Fox has e-mailed 412 residents using the MailChimp system to request information so he can update details. As a result he is able to correct information he holds on the database system.

9. Road Lists:
There are continuing issues with the road lists and it was agreed that Mike Fox, Gillian Hein and Jill Bockmeulen will arrange a meeting to update and re-organise where necessary. Ann Liddle has ordered new envelopes for future use.

10. AGM Preparartion:
Mike Fox will provide the sound system and Gillian requested that the Committee meet at 6.45pm at the Riddell Hall. Clive Elcome has the key for the Hall.

11. A.O.B.
Tree Planting
Gillian informed the Committee that she, Jill and a resident of Shelvers Way, Patricia Brookwick have surveyed the road in connection with replacing or planting new trees. Michael Gosling has donated his Councillor’s fund of £3,500 to provide trees. S.C.C. charges £285 + V.A.T. per tree to supply and plant. This includes the planting and maintenance for 5 years although it is hoped that residents might like to sponsor a tree. We are trying to negotiate with S.C.C. a lower cost per tree. The Committee proposed that a total of £8,000 be spent on trees with funds coming from Pfizer money, Councillor Gosling and some from subscription money. Michael requested that Tadorne Road and Kingswood Road be surveyed and included in the plan. Tree planting would hopefully start in the Autumn. This topic will be covered at the upcoming A.G.M. and residents will be invited to sponsor a tree.

Gillian reported she had received a consultation document concerning the possible amalgamation within the Ombudsman service

She reported on the Landfill Grant and said she would approach the organisation for money to go towards trees.

May Pageant:
TWRA had had a stall at the Pageant at which residents were asked to vote for their favourite tree from a selection of trees considered suitable for planting on the verges. It was decided that more Committee members will be need to help at any future Walton May Pageant.

Community Infrastructure Levy:
A further consultation is taking place. Housing costs are higher in this area and therefore a higher levy should be considered. The Committee does not need to respond.

Peter Ghagan, who gave evidence at the Beecham’s Field Public Enquiry last year and was actively involved in organising local football teams has died.

Ken Chivers asked if there had been any news concerning conditions attached to the planning application for Frith Park. Councillor Turner explained she was concerned at the number of contractors vehicles parked on Tadworth Street outside the Ketchams development. It was generally felt that such problems about the number of vehicles involved must be considered when conditions are included in future planning applications.

A resident has written to the TWRA requesting the provision of a new notice board at Walton Pond. It was considered that this should be a matter for the Walton Forum to discuss.

Date of next meeting - 16 June 2015