Minutes of committee meeting held on 20 January 2015
Tadworth and Walton Residents' Association
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1. Attendance:
Chairman - Clive Elcome
Treasurer - Robin Parr-Davies
Secretary - Gillian Bockmeulen

In Attendance:
Committee - Paul Waller, Ken Chivers, Geoff Hewitt, Grant Webster, Simon Carpenter

Councillors - Rachel Turner

Observer - Mike Fox, Bryan Yates (Tadworth Planning)

Apologies - Ann Liddlle, Trish Canham, Gillian Hein, Janet Hill

2. Councillor Update
Councillor Turner informed the meeting that it is anticipated that Pebble Hill will re-open on Monday, 26th January unless bad weather prevents this. It will close again for two weeks in either March or April, for additional work to be carried out.

Following complaints, the Council has removed rubbish that had been dumped in the car park at the Blue Ball site. Star Pubs. own the site and are proposing to block off the area to prevent future fly- tipping.

The Fox and Hounds public house have applied for retrospective planning permission for the BBQ (see Walton Planning section).

Rachel had received a letter from a constituent requesting the provision of speed humps in Downsway and she has now responded to him. As cars are parked along Downsway she felt that speeding traffic was not a particular issue and also speed humps do delay the emergency services.

She had attended a meeting at Chinthurst School who are in the process of submitting a planning application. However, as there have been a number of objections the application is being delayed whilst further consideration is made to the issues raised by concerned residents.

She reported that the local police inspector has been promoted and is leaving. Angie Austen from the Tandridge area is replacing him.

Following the damage to the speed camera on the A217, Geoff Hewitt asked if a sign could be erected by the Council informing the public of the cost to replace the unit as this cost is met by our local council.

3. Walton Planning: Ken Chivers:
14/02555/HHOLD and 14/02556/LBC
2 North East Wing Walton Manor
Conversion works to roof with terrace infill and internal works.
This is a Grade II Listed building (2 Star) and there have been a number of objections. English Heritage has made special reference to the roof of the property. Ken Chivers requested that the application be considered at the Northern Panel and Rachel confirmed that this would happen. A decision to object was made unanimously and Gillian Hein will write objecting on behalf of the Committee.

15 Chequers Lane
Front & Rear Extensions
Following consideration of the plans in relation to the surrounding area, no objection was raised.

Fox and Hounds:
The Fox and Hounds Public House have now applied to offer Bed and Breakfast accommodation and have requested retrospective planning permission for the BBQ installed at the pub. Whilst the Committee did not raise any objection to the Bed and Breakfast operation there have been in the past objections to the BBQ by local residents concerned with smell and smoke. The Committee voted to oppose this retrospective application. Ken Chivers has now written a letter of objection.

Frith Park:
Ken Chivers had attended the Council Planning Committee and expressed concern that the sound system was not operating properly in order to hear the details of the application. Rachel explained that there will be further consideration of the Frith Park plan at the next Planning Committee meeting. Ken confirmed that the developer had acknowledged responsibility for recent tree cutting in Sturts Lane. He also told the meeting that he had informed the men working there that the verges were the property of the householders and should not be touched. There are still concerns about access to the site which is via Sturts Lane should the application receive approval.

4. Tadworth Planning: Bryan Yates:
23 Chapel Road
Amendments to 06/00377/F for two storey side extension. 1) change hipped end roof to gable end roof. 2) Provide 2 dormers on rear elevation. 3) Loft area to be converted to new floor in existing and new loft area.

The planning proposal indicated two large dormer windows within the roof space to the rear elevation. The effect of the window positions will be overlooking and cause loss of privacy to No. 9 Chapel Road

A neighbour has objected on the grounds of being overlooked with consequent loss of privacy. The Committee supports this opinion and will write a letter of objection.

Crewe Court
Demolish existing workshop and construct detached split level dwelling with associated access, amenity and parking

The radical redesign of this proposal now includes a split level basement which reduces the elevation effect on Crewe Court. The proposed dwelling has been moved to a central position on the plot but as the width of the pathway is narrow the application should be refused on the grounds of lack of acceptable access, limited parking and limited hard standing areas. Lack of parking could also create problems in Lywood Close

2 Harendon
Fell 1 Hawthorn, 1 Sycamore and 1 Sweet Chestnut
There was concern that of the three trees, one was a Sweet Chestnut which should not be felled if in good condition. Gillian Hein will write to the Tree Officer.

47 Shelvers Way:
Double storey extension.

63 Tadorne Road:
Conversion of 4 bedroom house to 2 bedroom dwellings

5. Minutes and Matters Arising:
Proposed: Ken Chivers
Seconded: Paul Waller

6. Special General Meeting - Clive Elcome
Clive explained that a Special General meeting has been arranged for 2nd February to discuss two important issues. Firstly, to inform the membership about the progress of the Judicial Review as a result of the Public Inquiry into the De-regulation of Beechams Field and secondly to discuss Reigate and Banstead Council’s proposals for future local area development. The Council is proposing to consult on local views for the development of our area. He informed the Committee that this meeting was only open to Members of the Tadworth and Walton Resident Association. Notices of the meeting have been displayed in Tadworth and Walton, flyers have been available in Chris Chapman’s shop and the Walton newsagent. Additionally, flyers have been delivered, where ever possible, to the membership, information has been placed on the TWRA web-site and also published in Mike Fox’s column in the Surrey Mirror.

The intention of the meeting is to seek the views of the membership on the two above issues.

Mike Fox agreed to arrange for a P.A. system to be made available for the meeting in the Lord Riddell Hall. Clive requested that all Committee Members attend.

7. Treasurer’s Report: Robin Parr-Davies
Robin submitted a draft financial statement to the Committee.

Geoff Hewitt agreed to obtain information of the cost of providing benches. The Committee had agreed previously to provide a memorial bench for Dr. Douglas Smith and also one for the Shelvers Green area. Some Pfizer money will be used to provide the funding.

8. Correspondance:

9. A.O.B.

Date of the next Committee Meeting : 17th February, 2015