Minutes of committee meeting held on 21 April 2015
Tadworth and Walton Residents' Association
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1. Attendance:
Chairman - Clive Elcome
Vice Chairman - Gillian Hein
Treasurer - Robin Parr-Davies
Secretary - Gillian Bockmeulen

In Attendance:
Committee - Paul Waller, Mike Fox, Geoff Hewitt, Simon Carpenter

Councillors - Rachel Turner

Observer - Alanna Coombes

Apologies - Ann Liddlle, Trish Canham, Anne and Grant Webster, Ken Chivers, Councillor Vic Broad.

The Chairman, Clive Elcombe welcomed Alanna Coombes to the meeting. Ms. Coombes is studying for a Masters degree in Town Planning.

2. Update Tadworth Forum
Gillian Hein, Clive Elcome and Robin Parr-Davies for the Residents Association and Cllr. Turner attended a meeting with Cath Rose of Reigate and Banstead Borough Council on 20th April to seek clarification on points raised by the proposed Tadworth Forum’s Neighbourhood Plan. Prior to the meeting Gillian had submitted questions for consideration. The Neighbourhood Plan covers Tadworth only.

a) The possible overlap between Council Local Plan documents and the Neighbourhood Plan. The Council is preparing a Development Management Plan (DMP) and conflict between this and a Neighbourhood Plan (NP) would need to be resolved. If the NP were to be adopted it would become part of the DMP and have policies for Tadworth. For the NP to be adopted it has to pass through various stages before being accepted. The same applies to the DMP which is likely to be adopted in Summer 2017.
b) The emphasis is on sustainability and viability in the NP which must show areas where development could take place. The NP cannot consider areas outside the designated boundaries. It could consider minor development on the Green Belt but not major developments.
c) The Tadworth Forum will operate for 5 years but this does not affect the life of the NP. The Forum does not expire if the NP is adopted but a local authority may withdraw the designation if the Forum is no longer meeting the conditions to which it was designated.

The Residents Association have been invited to join the Forum.

Clive said there was a need to differentiate between the Forum and the Residents Association as there seems to be some confusion about their roles. He will speak about this at the A.G.M.

The deadline to submit comments on the Neighbourhood Plan have to be received by the Council before 12th May. The Cabinet will consider it in June at which time a decision will be made. Should it reject the plan reasons must be given or suggestions might be made to change it.

Gillian Hein and Paul Waller attended the Extraordinary General Meeting which the Tadworth Forum had convened at the Cricket Club.

3. Councillor Update - Cllr. Turner
Rachel had attended the Northern Panel meeting and reported that Sainsbury’s appeal against planning refusal may be heard at an informal hearing. Previously it had been expected to be decided through an exchange of written representations.

A new temporary landlord has taken over the Fox and Hounds Public House. The Blue Ball costs for renovation have now risen to £600,000 with an annual rental of £96,000 p.a. It is not known what will happen to this site at present

Speculation has arisen concerning the future of St. Helier and Epsom Hospital following reports that a new super hospital will be built on the Sutton site. The Chief Executive has confirmed that the A and E and Maternity and Paediatric services will remain in place for the next 5 years, but 3 and half million pounds a year needs to be saved.

She reported that Mr. Tim Button has taken over as Acting Headmaster at Chinthurst School and a new Board of Governors is being selected. Gillian Hein reported that an e-mail had been received from acting Governors of the school requesting a meeting with the Residents Association. Clive will respond by inviting them to the next Committee meeting in May.

4. Tadworth Planning - Gillian Hein:

5, Croffets,
T1 Spruce – fell to ground level; T2 Spruce Reduce height by 6 metres
The Committee felt there was no justification for this work to be carried out. The Tree Officer will inspect and make a final decision

15, Shelvers Spur, Tadworth
Side and rear extension of 15, Shelvers Spur
The Committee considered this to be an overdevelopment of the site which would impact on the neighbour.

Planning Updates:
There had been an application to remove oak trees in Lyndon Close. Gillian has written to object.

An application in Headley to construct accommodation, a mini-farm and vineyard which had previously been rejected is now going to appeal.

An application to fell a tree at 9, Harendon is going to appeal.

Concern has been raised about the three scaffolding businesses and activity at the Lindon Lea/Southside site. Surrey County Council who is responsible for waste matters has been contacted but appears not to have acted on complaints. Councillor Gosling is to be contacted again.

We have objected to planning applications in Uffcott (15/00408/F) and South Hatch, Wonford Close (15/00438/F) as these lie within the RASC area.

5. Walton Planning - Geoff Hewitt:
Lindis Mere, Dorking Road
Proposed first floor extension to Existing bungalow, and new roof over
No Objection

Thimble Cottage 67, Chequers Lane
Two-storey front extension to form Enlarged entrance hall and new first floor Bathroom over
It was agreed that Geoff Hewitt and Alanna Coombes make a site visit and report to Gillian Hein

Wishing Well Lodge, Heath drive
Part ground floor and first floor extension
No Objection

Planning Updates:
Ken Chivers has asked Councillor Turner to enquire how conditions attached to the development of Frith Park are progressing as the Planning Officer is unable to communicate directly with members of the public. Rachel confirmed that she has already contacted the Officer. Ken has also expressed concern about the heavy contractor’s lorries which will use the bridge to access the site but Surrey Highways have confirmed that the bridge is safe.

6. Newsletter:
Clive showed the Committee the Spring Newsletter to be distributed shortly and it was agreed that Tony Andrews’s design is a great improvement. When ready the newsletter will be distributed to the road stewards but in roads without steward a delivery will be made to all residents with a request to forward their subscriptions to a committee member or preferably to pay by standing order.

7. A.G.M.:
The AGM on Wednesday, 26th May at 7.30pm in the Riddell Hall will have three speakers: Simon Bateman from the Woodland Trust, will update on the Centenary Wood project; Jeff Harris, Deputy Police Commissioner will talk about cyber crime and Margaret Mortlock from Pfizer will update on the company’s work within the community. Gillian will contact the speakers detailing timings etc.

If there is sufficient interest in Jeff’s talk on cyber crime a special meeting may be arranged by the Residents Association.

Mike Fox has kindly offered to lend a projector and sound system for the AGM and Clive will provide a screen.

8. Minutes & Matters Arising:
Robin confirmed that funds for sign have been provided for the Walton shopkeepers to advertise their late night openings.
Proposed: Robin Parr-Davies, Seconded: Geoff Hewitt

9. Police Update - Paul Waller:
The next meeting of the Police Panel will be held on 27th May, 2015

Mike Fox reported that the Surrey/Sussex police forces are to receive a grant to buy drones.

10. Marketing and Communication Feedback - Paul Waller:
Following a sub-group meeting Paul presented information to the Committee outlining areas where communication with the residents could be improved using existing media in order to reach different demographics. He suggested contacting groups within the community e.g. playgroups and also giving monthly updates via the parish magazine with links to the website. The question of finding a sponsor is being considered and also should a light version of the Newsletter be delivered to everyone.

11. Treasurer’s Report - Robin Parr-Davies:
Robin reported that a decision has to be reached concerning data management for the Residents Association as the present system provided by funding from the police ends in October after which the system would cost the R.A £838 per annum. Alternative systems i.e. Mail Chimp which is free are being considered but there is a risk that such a system may not continue indefinitely. A recommendation will be made at the next meeting.

12. May Pageant:
Gillian Hein, Jill Bockmeulen, and Robin Parr-Davies will be attending. Clive felt it was important to provide information, i.e. a mission statement at the event. Discussion followed about a theme and it was agreed to base it around tree planting as it has previously been agreed that new trees will be planted in Shelvers Way. Attendees could be asked to vote for their favourite tree.

13. Correspondence:
The Community Infrastructure Levy responses need to be sent in before 26th May.

14. A.O.B.:
After a brief discussion of the possibility of Banstead Commons Conservators charging Tadworth Cricket Club for the use of their grounds, it was decided to take no action at the present time.

Date of the next Committee Meeting : Tuesday 19 May 2015