Minutes of committee meeting held on 24 March 2015
Tadworth and Walton Residents' Association
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1. Attendance:
Chairman - Clive Elcome
Vice Chairman - Gillian Hein
Treasurer - Robin Parr-Davies
Secretary - Gillian Bockmeulen

In Attendance:
Committee - Paul Waller, Ken Chivers, Geoff Hewitt, Simon Carpenter, Grant Webster

Councillors - Rachel Turner, Vic Broad

Reigate & Banstead Council - Jamet Hill

Observer - Mike Fox

Apologies - Ann Liddlle, Cllr. Mike Gosling

2. Councillor Update: Cllr. Vic Broad
Cllr. Broad informed the meeting that the Council’s web-casts are now fully operational and the website had been simplified in order to access them, details of which can be obtained on the Council’s website at www.reigate-banstead.gov.uk. Full Council, Executive Committee and Planning meetings are now available to be viewed. He explained that the Executive Meetings held on a Thursday evening at 7.30p.m. consider issues before they are presented at the full Council meeting.

He reported that the Neighbourhood Plan (Tadworth Forum) initiated by Mrs. Deidre Walkling has been sent to the Council to be followed by a consultation period.

Residents in Epsom Lane South have received letters concerning the erection of a 60ft. Mast. A similar application eight years ago had been rejected and to date no formal application has been received.

The Council is in a financially secure position and he said that it is anticipated in future years no government funds would be received. Geoff Hewitt asked if he was aware that other councils were considering the reduction of Business rates but Cllr. Broad said he was not aware of this.

He confirmed that the Council actively pursues businesses and residents who fail to pay their local taxes.

Mike Fox asked if the referendum suggested by the Police Commissioner, Ken Hurley to raise a precept was going to take place and was informed that it was not.

Cllr. Rachel Turner

Cllr. Turner informed the meeting that the Neighbourhood Plan developed by Deirdre Walkling for the Tadworth Forum has now been submitted to the Council and outlined the issues which the Forum have included in their written submission. A requirement for the formation of the Forum is that there are 21 members consisting of people who either live or work in Tadworth and also that it represents a cross-section of the community. The Plan as set out by Mrs. Walkling will now be considered by the Council following a consultation period.

Cllr. Turner will undertake to get a representative from the Health Commissioning Group to talk about health matters at the AGM.

3. Walton Planning: Ken Chivers:
65, Breech Lane
Two storey extension to north side elevation
No Objection

Maple House, Heath Drive
Remove TPO. Construct garage with roof link to main house
Gillian to make site visit.

10 Sandlands Road
Loft conversion with rear pitched dormer
No Objection

Southhatch, Wonford Close
Erection of 1 x 5 bed dwelling
This is within the RASC area and is out of character with the neighbouring properties and considered an over-development.

Rear of Uffcott, Wonford Close
Proposed 5 bed detached chalet bungalow
This lies with the RASC area and out of character.

4. Tadworth Planning: Gillian Hein:
Chinthurst School
Creation of new school building to house lower school to replace the existing ‘Westfield Building’, with an associated enabling development of four new houses
Following an application made on behalf of Chinthurst, Mr. John Farndell and two residents asked to attend the Committee meeting to outline the reasons for their objections to the above application. Mr. Farndell complained that despite assurances that residents would be consulted following a meeting with the developers, this had not happened. The principal complaint about the proposal is the positioning of a new nursery/lower school, the existing traffic and parking problems in The Avenue and the poor access due to the narrowness of the driveway. Additional concerns were raised about the design, fumes, noise, light pollution and loss of privacy. The design was considered to be over bearing. Cllr. Broad explained that the Planning Department had to follow planning law or they could be fined and Surrey Highways are responsible for road issues. He suggested a face to
face meeting with the planning officers and Cllr. Turner and he will make the arrangements. It was agreed that Gillian Hein will make a site visit and send in the Residents Association’s representations.

Gemini Restaurant, Tadworth
Rear conversion into a 2-bed flat and upper parts into 4 no. 1 flats with extension to rear.
The Committee objects to this application on the grounds of overdevelopment and lack of parking.

29, Vernon Walk
Alteration and extension to provide 4th bedroom and bath, shower room rear conservatory, enlarged study/bed, stairs to future loft extension.
The acceptance of this application would create a precedent. It was considered overdevelopment of the property.

Coral Bazaar site
Appeal to retain the car park has been dismissed

1, Harendon
Beech tree removal – this has gone to appeal

Frith Park – 14/01494/F
Following a decision to approve a letter had been received stating the Secretary of State will not call in the application and the Council should be responsible for the final decision.
Ken Chivers expressed dissatisfaction at the way the Frith Park development had been handled by Reigate and Banstead saying that consideration of the impact of traffic on Chequers Lane and Sturts Lane had not received proper and full consideration.

Sainsbury’s Application, The Avenue, Tadworth
The refusal for this development is being appealed and will be decided by written representations.
Gillian Hein had requested that a retail impact assessment be made by the Council as the data submitted by Sainsbury’s was out of date but the Council have refused to do this. Gillian has written to the Planning Inspectorate requesting an informal hearing and will also write setting out our objections. Mike Fox will send out an e-mail to residents to update them on the situation and Gillian will update the website.

5. Minutes and Matters Arising:
Proposed: Robin Parr-Davies Seconded: Ken Chivers

6. Judicial Review: Clive Elcome
Clive updated the Committee on the Judicial review Hearing following the Planning Inspector’s decision to allow the de-registration of Beechams Field. He said that it was disappointing that we were not successful and said we are awaiting the full decision from the High Court. Details will be put on the website when these are received. The Federation is to arrange a meeting with John Jory to ensure that a similar situation does not arise in the future. Clive also expressed the hope that a meeting could be arranged with the Golf Club. He thanked everyone who had supported the Committee in this matter.

7. Treasurer’s Report: Robin Parr-Davies
Robin reported that he had written cheques totalling £8,400 as a result of the Judicial Review, £2,000 to the barrister, £1400 for the solicitor and £5,000 costs (capped). There is a bank balance of £26,000 of which £12,400 is Pfizer money.

Public Enquiry in 2014 - £3,400
Judicial Review in 2014 - £4,400 (Total shown in Accounts £7,800)
Judicial Review in 2015 - £8,413 (Includes ‘capped’ costs to the other side of £5k)
Total - £16,213

8. Police Update: Paul Waller
Paul reported that there had been a number of break-ins in Tadworth but more recorded in the Redhill area. The new Police Inspector will face the Council Scrutiny Committee this week. It was also suggested that Jeff Harris, the Deputy Police Commissioner be invited to address the A.G.M. to talk about cyber crime.

9. Spring Newsletter:
Tony Andrews has kindly agreed to collate and design the upcoming Newsletter which it is hoped will be printed and ready for distribution to Area Road Stewards in mid-April. Gillian Bockmeulen is to co-ordinate. It was decided to distribute copies to members on this occasion but future issues will only be distributed to those residents who have paid their subscriptions.

10. A.O.B.:
Geoff Hewitt has been in discussion with the scout group concerning the Green Hall, Dorking Road which is in need of refurbishment. Re-pointing, stone work and replacement and repair of roof tiles are necessary at an estimated cost of £3,000 plus V.A.T. The kitchen also requires refurbishment. It is understood that doors paid for out of Pfizer money are yet to be installed. The Committee felt that the group should consider fund-raising towards the cost and Robin Parr-Davies suggested the accounts should be made available for inspection prior to any funds being provided by the T.W.R.A.

It was decided that three speakers be approached to talk at the A.G.M. in May. One from the Health Commissioning Group, Jeff Harris, Deputy Police Commissioner and a Woodland Trust spokesman to give an update on the work on the Centennial Wood Project in Langley Vale.

Cllr. Gosling has given the T.W.R.A. £800 towards the cost of planting trees on the verges in Tadworth with a further £2,000 in the next financial year. The cost of providing and planting per tree is £285 + V.A.T. It has been decided to start in Shelvers Way followed by Tadorne Road and Kingswood Road when funds permit. Residents will be consulted and asked if they will help with watering the newly planted trees and also if they wish to sponsor a tree. Mike Fox has agreed to report this in his Surrey Mirror column.

A request has been made to consider designating the Chapel Road and Dorking Road area as a Conservation area. Contact will be made with the Council.

It was agreed that a representative would attend the next meeting of the Cricket Club.

Robin Parr-Davies confirmed that a donation of £250 has been made to the Walton shopkeepers who wish to promote their late opening hours.

The Committee agreed that the T.W.R.A. will have a stall at the Walton May Pageant.

Date of the next Committee Meeting : Tuesday 21 April 2015